Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

IMG_1359.jpg Sites along the sidewalk
This is the end of my photos, I hope you liked them... LilliefuzzysocksIMG_1370.jpg
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Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

Hopefully, I shall make it to the next one in 2016, and shall bring my colourful Hawaiian shirts as well as pearls along.

The Purloined Pearls having a family reunion

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I took the opportunity to ask Douglas to repeat the story of the Purloined Pearls from his point of view. It was very entertaining, as Douglas is a terrific storyteller. In short, Jeremy had brought the bag of incredibly metallic pastel freshwater pearls to Mexico and showed them to Douglas. Douglas admired them and said they were very nice. When Jeremy left Mexico, he thought that Caitlin had the pearls, and vice versa. Back in the states, they discovered the pearls were missing. They did not mention that the pearls were missing to Douglas. However, a few days later, a woman came into the pearl shop in Mexico to ask how much the pearls she found were worth. Douglas told us that this happens frequently, because fishermen, etc., will find a pearl and come in and inquire about its value. So nothing unusual here. But, when he looked at her pearls, he recognized them immediately. He said, how did you get these? And she said that she received them from an American in exchange for her personal services. It took Douglas only a moment to consider this in his mind, and determine that she was probably not telling the truth. He told her he needed to call his American friend and ask about the pearls. At this, the woman left the bag of pearls and ran from the shop and was not seen since. Douglas called Jeremy and discovered that indeed the pearls were missing in Mexico, and most likely had been stolen by the hotel maid. Needless to say, there were no personal services involved! There was great rejoicing that what was lost was now found, and the pearls were returned to their rightful owner.
Just home after a harrowing 16 hour journey (my fault -- I f#$%ed up my flight home in a most miserable way). I'll post pictures and a report when I have my wits about me.

The Ruckus was insanely fun and the only bad thing is having to wait a whole year for the next one!!!
I was a fool. When I booked my super cheap trip home I didn't realize that not only was it a midnight departure (that, I knew) but it also wasn't a direct flight! And there was a lightning storm so the lay over was even longer than expected.... all's well that ends well. I'm home.
In your honor, BAS: (language, oh, plenty of language - what else can you expect from a song about commercial flight?)

Been there, done that. And I know I will do it again, despite all my resolutions. After all, if I choose that weird flight from that out of the way airport at weird-o-clock, I can get some nice pearl earrings for myself. Do I have to mention the hotels as well?
Lady Disdain -- thanks for the link and laughs!!!
Hilarious video!~ Glad you're home safe and sound too!

I spent most of the day recovering and writing a blog post about the weekend.
Thank you Jeremy and Hisano.. and to all that worked so hard behind the scenes to make that I am sure the best Ruckus YET!
With love from Sarah and Mounir
It was ABSOLUTELY one of the Best Pearl Gatherings ever! It never ceases to amaze me how things can only improve from one year to the next...but when it comes down to the most important thing it has to do with FRIENDSHIP.

Yes, pearls are everywhere and it is the reason why we meet to suffer -and waste away- at the splendid champagne, caviar and food **** we are being offered by Hisano & Jeremy. But I believe that we all ENJOY this gathering so much is because we have all become friends, a small family of Pearl Lovers/Addicts were we can all just talk away and share our passions and dreams.

Jeremy and Hisano have helped to create some more than "just another annual gathering"...with all of us in the picture you can see we are a FAMILY.

And it was beautiful to meet my pearl brothers and sisters, my pearl mothers and aunties yet again. I can hardly wait for next just takes too long for all of us to have such a splendid time.

Thank You Jeremy & Hisano, thank you all for your friendship and for loving my Cortez Pearls too :)
Thank you all for sharing these most wonderful photos! I am beyond jealous of the sights, sounds, and foods explored...and of course those luscious PEARLS! It is such a pleasure to see these photos and share in the experience virtually. Thank you again.