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Nearly 10,000 Members Strong
Founded in 2004, Pearl Guide is a friendly group of pearl dealers, farmers, traders, wholesalers, hobbyists, authors, and consumers. With members from around the world engaged in daily conversation, Pearl-Guide.com is the largest community of pearl enthusiasts in the world.

World's Only Open Pearl Discussion Forum
Pearl-Guide.com exists for the benefit of consumers and the trade. With the world's only interactive pearl discussion forum, there is always something for everyone. The unique benefit of the Pearl-Guide forum is the open discussion. Nothing is off limits, and everything is welcome for debate. With the pearl experts from every part of the industry represented, discussions here are unlike any the industry has seen before.

The purpose of Pearl-Guide.com is to
  • Enjoy discussing farmed and natural pearls as the world's most popular and ecologically responsible gemstone
  • Protect consumer confidence in the online pearl industry
  • Protect consumers from unethical trading practices
  • Educate consumers and members of the industry
  • Promote honest and accurate pearl grading and assessment
  • Promote honest and ethical pearl retailers and wholesalers
  • Break the industry's shroud of secrecy through open discussion and debate
  • Make breaking news of the industry available as it happens
Pearl-Guide.com reflects the efforts of dozens of different pearl companies and individuals who are committed to the same purpose, education, and the promotion of ethical standards.

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Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
Sea of Cortez Pearl Farmer and Marine Biologist

Pearl Dreams "Loretta"
Pearl Expert and Forum Member

Jeremy Shepherd
CEO Pearl Paradise, Vice President Cultured Pearl Association of America

Blaire Beavers
Pearl Expert and Educator

Sheri Jurnecka
Pearl Expert, Artist and Owner of Jurnecka Creations

Caitlin Williams
Pearl-Guide Admin Emeritus, Pearl Expert, Pearl Author

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