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Chinese Pearl Farming Update for 2021

From our friends in China, unable to post the information directly due to Pearl-Guide being actively blocked in this Asian country:
Pearling News:

NOTE: I edited the text a bit for clarification, but more relevantly, we have a couple of questions

1. What will this mean for the availability of freshwater pearls?
2. If saltwater pearl production increases dramatically, what will this mean for pearl productions elsewhere?


Akoya Pearl Farming in China Update

I was asked to share this information with the seems that has been blocked by China, so Chinese users have been unable to access the site.

Here is the original note:


Mabe Pearl Grading - 7) Dome Height

Part of the beauty of a Mabe pearl comes from its “dome” (height). When a Mabe pearl displays a low dome it most closely resembles a piece of mother-of-pearl shell than an actual pearl. Unfortunately, many Mabe pearls today are grown too flat, due to the intrinsic characteristic of the host shell: Pinctada shells are usually flatter than Pteria shells (the shells being much more concave) which does not allow for the use of tall implants, since these will touch the opposite shell and will cause the...

Mabe Pearl Grading - 6) Nacre Quality

The most important factor here is nacre thickness. Many Mabe are cultured for short periods of time (4 months) to obtain the most perfect shape, but at the expense of their nacre thickness and durability. On the other hand, there are producers that grown them for too long (over 12 months) and end up having pearls that have thick nacre, but their shapes are not standardized, and they may display one or more of the surface imperfections we discussed in the previous paragraph. There is usually a middle...

Grading Mabe Pearls -5) Surface Quality

As with other pearls, surface quality is an important attribute: the cleaner the surface is, the more desirable the Mabe is and more valuable too. The usual surface imperfections found in these are:

• Missing Nacre: whitish, bite shaped marks.
• Spots, pinpricks: dark or light-colored pin-prick markings.
• Rippled surface: these are markings caused by the growth of the abductor muscle on top of the blister pearl. This marking causes the appearance of wavy...

Pearl of The Week


  • CortezPearls
    Cibjo webinar/discussion on origins of gemstones
    Although it is not about PEARLS (but it may include them), some of you may find it interesting, so here is the information:

    The origin of a gemstone, namely the geographic location at which it was extracted from the earth, has for years posed substantial scientific challenges to the gemmologists who are called on to make definitive judgements.

    The current focus on supply chain integrity and traceability means that the concept of origin has expanded and is more relevant
    04-29-2021, 10:26 PM
  • CortezPearls Presents: Walk and Talk with Josh Humbert! invited forum member & sustainable pearl farmer Josh Humbert of Kamoka Pearls fame to a "Walk and Talk" Zoom event this past Saturday 10th, 2021.

    Josh -and wife Celeste Brash- took some time from his busy schedule with the pearl seeding season at his farm in Ahe, French Polynesia, to share information about their 2021 pearl harvest (48% rounds, wow!), his farming operation, pearl characteristics of this year's harvest and much more!...
    04-08-2021, 11:55 PM

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