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  • Wow Bas, have just been looking at your album for Caitlin, such a variety of pearls that all look so good on you.

    I have always loved your posts and it was great to see so many of your treasures in one go, hope you are going to keep your album up-dated - all your latest purchases from PP etc!

    Thank you for helping keep a pearl fan happy!
    Thanks for visiting my albums-- I'm glad you liked what you saw. :)

    As to your question about the earring jacket, I simply attached an open jump ring to the top link in the chain. I think it's 5mm or 6mm-- and the earring post simply goes through the ring. So easy to make-- try it! You just have to be sure to get chain that has links large enough that the jump ring can pass through.

    BTW, although I used gold filled chain, you can use any chain-- even a secondhand gold plated or silver tone chain from a thrift shop. They won't tarnish, and because they hang free and don't rub on skin, the finish won't wear off, either. Use wire cutters to cut the chain to the size desired.
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