Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

Happy memories with Blaire included seeing some of her stunning collection spread before me at our Mexican dinner, and our surprisingly delightful meal at The Apple Pan near PP:

Talk to me Southside

12-15mm Edison pearls from Pearl Paradise

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Mikkey's suitcase did not disappoint. I ended up with pair of GSS studs to go with my GSS ring I bought from him last year. And no, I did not pay the sticker price. I was tempted by the WSS ring -- but it went to my roomie (she has good taste):

Bruce and Mighty Max

Southside Johnny and Bruce


Bruce and Might Max at the Stone Pony
This set Hisano was wearing knocked my socks off! Feminine, flirty, but edgy. Absolutely fantastic:

hisano 1.jpg

Hisano 2.jpg

Hisano 3.jpg
Oh, what fun BAS ... wonderful memories ... and a look at my WSS ring :) Thanks !!!
We had missed breakfast and were starving, so we were delighted to find the wonderfully quirky Apple Pan just a few blocks from Pearl Paradise. I can't wait until next time. :)