A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers


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Aug 8, 2009
The big day is finally here! Have not slept much all week dreaming about pearls and I don't think I will get much sleep in the next few days either. But oh well what is a girl to do?

My youngest son loads the car while I finish getting ready. I am making a quick stop in Long Beach to drop him off at a buddies. I am glad he is riding with me so I can drive in the fast car pool lane. We leave at 8 AM so I can pick up my BFF and her Mr wonderful Hubby at noon.

First time ever NO traffic we sail up the road with ease. We even have time to stop for breakfast.

I arrive at LAX just as I think Wendy and Bill are landing. Give her a call and she answers...landed a half hour ago and are waiting to get a gate. Finally I see them. I am waiting with the car. Lots of squeals of happiness and hugs given with zeal. Load up car and we are off to lunch.

Thank goodness for Wendy 's GPS as we head to Pancho's in Manhattan Beach good California Mexican food is called for. It was recommended by Jeremy and his other recommendations were delish and so was this one. From past experience going to the Ruckus I know not only will it be a pearl orgy but a food one to. The Shepherd's leave no stone unturned in plying the guests with culinary delights.

We were very lucky to be invited to stay at the mansion this evening so that is where we head after lunch. Driving down the coast with a perfect, hot beautiful California day we stop for pictures of the coast line. I did not think it could get any better but of course it did because the RUCKUS had not even started yet. Pearl Paradise is having a photo shoot at the house with a professional model and crew. There is so much work involved in achieving the pictures we see in the magazines and adds.
OMG the house as we pull up is beautiful. Walk out through the living room to the terrace looking out over the lawn is the ocean. If this is not a slice of heaven I do not know what is. Greeting to a couple of very special people are made. They are working so.....
We try to stay out of the way and pearl girls being pearl girls we could not help ourselves.....we do a photo shoot of our own. I am anything but tall, thin and a leggy blond, well maybe in my dreams sometimes. But we have great pictures of some of the pearls you will be seeing over the months. Enjoy our sneak picture peeks.

Lots to do helping to get ready for the guest to arrive. We feel so lucky to be included we are happy to help out with any of the small details. Room assignments/door signs...check, Toilet paper in the bathrooms...check, flower arrangements...check, champagne glasses set out...check, wine cooling...check, windows opened...check. I even get to take Wendy to Trader Joe's for her first time...check. The devil is in the detail when 35 guests are expected for a weekend party. By the time all is in order it is getting late. We have been eating snacks so we forgo dinner. But bff's get to share pistachio ice cream, one container 2 spoons. Heaven!

I usually hunt for a quiet spot to make my bed. This year under the stairs was to small. I choose the powder room as my spot this year. But since the three of us are in the gigantic house this evening I decide to sleep on the living room couch tonight. The wind is howling, the front gates can't be closed the awnings are flapping so I sleep with my phone in hand big chicken that I am.
housefront.jpg mansion
model4.jpg Two separate Tahitian pendants with white gold ropes accents. We like them together. Beautiful Design.
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model6.jpg Last item we selected were Provoked Baroque necklace and custom Tahitian and black carved station necklace from the Little h line.