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Hi Doug.
I have read a lot about UV light on this forum which can give us info about whether pearls are being treated . Can u tell me where we can obtain these UV lights and is it safe for us to use it ? Thank You.
Sure thing! I purchased a few over the years. The newest one has LED light and saves on battery!
I've purchased them from specialized vendors...but I've gotten better prices on places such as Amazon!
I like Jewelmer Pearls had my first simple white SSP stud earrings and simple pendant in 2016. Since then bought the gold stud and pendant and ring. I am planning to get pearl gold strand then I plan to stop buying already. That is all. Thank you for educating things I learned in Pearl Guide.
Hi Jeremy,I have these jewelry bags called prezerve,they are meant to preserve sterling silver, so it won’t tarnish for up to 25 years. I keep my pearls in these bags because I don’t have a lot of space for storage.Is this a safe way to preserve my pearls or should I find another way,? Do you make anything like it but for pearls? I’m concerned that air does not flow.Can you please advise?


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