A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers

Okay, I'm now officially regretting not getting a mabe from Douglas ... everything was SO NEW for me ... I imagine Douglas could help me with this problem LOL. I have an idea for setting one ... something to look forward to :)

Cathy - It was so nice meeting you at the ruckus. When I arrived I had a budget in mind and a plan for the pearls I wanted for my collection. It takes time to get to that point. I have no doubt that this ruckus has jumpstarted your pearl education. You may continue to be the sort of person who needs more time to decide, and that's fine. When you are ready give Douglas a call and have him help you to pick out your special pearl. Then come back and show us the pictures so we can celebrate with you.
Only 51 more weeks until the 2015 Ruckus party! Yay!!!
Too funny, BAS! Red, yes, I am a deliberate, studied decision maker. I came home very pleased, in large part because of just how helpful everyone was. Sarah is working on a round Cortez pearl + some little Cortez keshis I got from Douglas :)
It was most enjoyable being a witness to the good times through these pic's. Douglas congrat's on the pearls and mabe's.
Thank you for this great photo (click on the attachment), lilliefuzzysocks. I remember you snapping this shot. If I'm not mistaken, the stunningly colorful mabe pair in the lower left of the photo went home with you. Shortly after this picture was taken, I selected the big reddish pink green mabe with the high peak sitting just a bit to the right and slightly behind surrounded by the blues and silvers. The mabe in the front of the table were U quality, or the very best. The smaller mabe grouped in the middle of the table next to the bags of small pearls were the next quality down. I selected two of those to go with my big U mabe. Mine are not a perfect color match, but I realized upon seeing these pearls in person, that it didn't matter to me. I look forward to seeing how you style your beauties.

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Did you get the middle pearl? Douglas said it was the best in the lot. I decided on the drop and round with the same color shift colors. I reminded me of my husband's airplane which is the same color.
14K  Marquise Sapphire Clasp  (Junk pearls just wanted the clasp)
RED !! OMG!! Absolutely amazing colours! I would so love to see these pearls in real life... the photos take my breath away! And LillieFS ! Look at those pinks and blue ! (pink and blue falls so very short in describing those colours it isn't funny..lol ) Wow ! wowowowowowowow!

Darn I want one ... and I love that pendant setting !
I sure did get the big high mabe. It is not perfectly flat on the bottom, so it will need a skilled designer to bring out the best.


Here is my entire Sea of Cortez purchase from the ruckus photographed in my backyard at home. I am a lucky and happy lady.

katbran - I've been wanting some Sea of Cortez mabe for years. I told Douglas I hadn't purchased yet, because it is so difficult to figure out from photos what these pearls will really look like. It was a treat to be able to pick them out in person.

LFS - I remember you saying that the mabes you picked had a water illusion, as well as matching the colors of your family airplane. Now, if you can just work the tail number into the pendant design, your sweet DH will be completely thrilled. (Or maybe not. :) ) So nice to meet you both at the ruckus.
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Red and LillieFS, Wow and Wow! Thanks for the terrific photos of your amazing pearls. These are definitely computer background screen material, something I do frequently on my main computer. So you all give me enjoyment each time I turn it on.

My little pink laptop has a background that never changes -- it's a photo of Kamoka Tahitian pearls that Josh took. He was totally surprised to recognize it at the Ruckus. I'll have to copy it and share it, as soon as I figure out where I put the laptop! :)
LOL! I could get sick about the ring if I let myself brood over it. It is my favorite pearl ring. My second favorite is the wrinkly Kasumi pearl ring from Sarah. I loved wearing them together and often. I found the missing diamond earring I got in Tucson, so I am telling myself it's only a matter of time. :)
GemGeek, I would like a eyris pearl pendant like yours but want to make it with Douglas's mabe`. Your pendant is just dreamy. I have a friend who is a miniature artist in bronze. I am contacting him to have it made with a art nouveau theme. He makes elaborate lighting for high end doll houses.
GemGeek, I would like a eyris pearl pendant like yours but want to make it with Douglas's mabe`. Your pendant is just dreamy. I have a friend who is a miniature artist in bronze. I am contacting him to have it made with a art nouveau theme. He makes elaborate lighting for high end doll houses.

Great idea, because bronze will make a Sea of Cortez pearl POP! Here is a link to the pendant I sold. It was blue and purple with hints of green and the design is a pretty one. It was from Imperial. I should have sold the other one, but it stole my heart.

Art nouveau sounds even better. Now I can't wait to see it. I wonder how many cool things will be made up post-Ruckus? :)
LOL, well, no one can argue with gold, right? ;) And bronze can react with skin's acidity. (But I wear a few treasures, anyway!)
My "After the Ruckus" story: Tonight my little (just 7) grandson came for a sleepover. I gave him the adorable peacock Tahitian pearl on suede cord Pattye made for him. He tried it on, said he liked it, but thought it would be best as an "ornament". He came back after a while and started asking "How and Why" questions, so I showed him a few photos here of Kamoka and Cortez farms ... he was intrigued by how long it takes for a pearl to grow. Back on the desk went the "necklace". I opened the thread "Real Men Wear Pearls" ... showed him the soccer players, to which he responded "I CAN'T wear necklaces when I play" ... back on the desk went the "necklace". Then he asked who "Those guys are wearing pearls", and I explained Douglas and Josh were wearing the pearls they grew ... Sometime in the middle of the bedtime story, the "necklace" quietly went around his neck, and when he went off to bed, he put the "necklace" carefully on my desk and asked me to keep it safe so he could put it on "right after breakfast" ! THANKS Pattye, Douglas and Josh, and all the guys who wear pearls :) P.S. to Josh: Little Walt liked the "giant fish" you caught even more than the pearls LOL ...
Thank you, Cathy for sharing your wonderful story! I think the twist "real fishermen wear pearls" might just be the hook for my 10 year old grandson! So, thank you!!!
(the granddaughters love wearing pearls and the baby boys find them great for teething :) )
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Cathykeshi, I saw your grandson's necklace when you were with Pattye in the conference room at Pearl paradise. It was very beautiful in a guy type of way. I hope he does wear it and love it. Some kids like to be trend setters, maybe he will be one too.