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  • We have a large stock of Akoya pearls in all sizes …..
    They don't have the pearls to fill their program requirements and prices in Asia have pushed up beyond their selling prices in many cases when the pearls are available. It's a tough time to be in the wholesale business ...
    If you know anyone looking for lower priced commercial Akoya - please send them my way. We have a big inventory. We have been selling back to Japan recently (we sold 100 plus strands last week) - but I think I would get better prices in the USA! Fine goods are very slow but they are fetching ridiculous prices.
    Can you send email me your inventory and pricing (jeremy@pearlparadise.com)? I can share it with the board of the CPAA. We only deal in Japanese akoya goods, so I don't personally have any need for Chinese, but the wholesalers with chain jewelry store and department store programs are in a world of hurt right now.
    I bought your 9.0-9.5 mm Silver-Blue Akoya Baroque Pearl Necklace last month and I LOVE it! I've added some photos that I took of it to my Album here. Thanks again.
    Hello Jeremy,
    I have just joined Pearl-Guide and its a nice thing that you have done. This site has vast info for new and old Pearl lovers, really enjoy it.
    Paresh N Javeri
    Paras Bhakti Pearl Co
    Now that I have read your entire site and visited all the u tube clips I would love to go on that type of vacation. I actually would love to do the procedure with my background. A thrill to be sure. I am rugged and not afraid of grand in mud. What a thrill.
    Hope you accept my invite. Pearl Angel
    New book, The French Blue, will be out in early November. Follows the adventures of Jean-Baptiste Tavernier through the 17th Century gem trade including a couple of chapter on the Gause, the pearl beds, pearl diving off Bahrain, Persian Gulf. Love it, if Pearl-Guide or Pearl Paradise would do a review or perhaps publish the diver excerpt. Has Pearl Paradise got a book section yet?

    Jeremy hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that your judjement about Sharon in Hongqiao was right. The SS I bought in April for 1500 euro each were evaluated by a SS dealer in Athens for 500 euro each.He said that the shape of them was not baroque he called it "off shape" Does such shape exists? he said that their colors champagne and gold come only form Philippines. Sharon's certificate defines them Austalian.Also that these pearls are very low quality. I have posted the pearls at the show your pearls forum under Baroque: nature's small miracles.
    I have been a PGR since the beginning of last year, I should have asked your advice before I went to Honqiao.Now I have to accept a big loss. Anyway, I asked my son, Nickolas, who is doing his MBA at Tsinghua university in Beijing to pay her a visit and explain the situation.
    I would like to thank you for your kind concern. Thank you for your time
    Best regards
    Hi Jeremy,

    I see you are on... Looks like I no longer have permission to start a new thread on PG -- hopefully you can fix it soon. Anyway, I just wanted to bring to your attention an innovative type of pearls ShopNBC has as today's special -- Chinese freshwater akoyas. Check this out (it's also featured prominently on the ShopNBC.com homepage):

    I thought the Pearlfection claims were bad, but they seem to have outdone themselves!

    I'll also try to PM you.

    Take care,
    (PG user name: Jazz)
    Hi Jeremy,
    I wonder whether you could tell me whether pearl vendors operating on Alibaba and having common American names and claiming to be part of a pearl farming operation are working independently or as a part of a pearl factory affiliated with a farm, or how that generally works?

    I will call in a few days. Thanks! The girls at work loved them and I would not look until my husband got home.
    I'm glad you like them!
    An extender would be possible. We could either att a length of chain to end of the strand, or go with two invisible settings. You should give us a call.
    Thanks for the gorgeous Freshadamas! I received my order today and they are stunning. I wonder, though, if you can make an extender for them so that the strand can be a 20 in for some versatility? I considered sending the 18 in strand back, but I can't part with them! The pearls are so pretty and perfect.
    You're probably right! One of these days I might try a big one too. Yours is a really sharp photo with a lot of detail....:cool: Needless to say, I like it! :)
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