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  • Thanks! This place is a wealth of pearl info and I'm enjoying the posts! I would LOVE to come to the Ruckus and meet you all - we'll see...
    hey, there! just came in from the garden and decided to check here. glad I did. sunny but windy day. allergies in spades and sneezing like crazy......but I still have to check in re pearls.
    Thanks! I was looking at some of the topics including pix from a recent "worldwide" pearl trip and loved it! Even saw there was a meeting including the Pearl Emperor and Honora? I didn't think they'd be in the same league but I guess there are different levels of buying!! Love all the shared pearls!! Talk to you later!
    Hi Newberry,
    I can't believe I finally did this, It took me a long time to fiqure out how to. Well anyway it is good to see a PQ here, feels like home when I see a PQ posting here.
    I enjoy reading all your posts everyday..... at the cafe.
    I guess I can't tell a PM from a "friend" posting! But I got an email with the notice and I will keep your email address! Mine is: kyledesteiguer@mindspring.com.
    HaHa! It's the blind leading the blind on this one, and I am usually pretty good with anything Internet/PC related! Hello back, no matter when you ever see this!!!!! Hope your son is doing better and better each day.
    How do you know when a friend has posted a message to you? I am jealous - Jeremy is one of your friends! lol
    Hello newberry, thank you for your friendship invitation, I'm very pleased to be one of your pearly friends :) I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the pics of my pearls, thank you for your kind comment. I love wearing pearls, looking at pearls and learning about pearls!!

    I hope you're enjoying your beautiful new exotics :):)
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hey, Newberry

    It is luvsiamese- Pearl angel. I sent you an invite for a friend. Hope you accept. I haven't been posting for awhile but miss you as you are stioll in my prayers.
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