Pearls and Medicine

The Power of Pearls
  • For Centuries, Pearls have been considered an ancient symbol of purity and perfection and have been regarded as powerful talismans and as amulets, used to protect the wearer against evil and poisoning, and to preserve health.
  • From ancient China and India to medieval Europe and Arabia and in every culture in between, pearls have often been used for medicinal purposes, ranging from aphrodisiacs to cures for insanity. One legend said that a pearl placed in the navel could cure stomach disorders!
  • The pearl was later imported into the Western world, and besides it more traditional use it was also utilized to concoct cordials as a stimulant, a stabilizer of cardiac function, and as an antidote to poisons. Calcium carbonate, its main chemical component, accounts for its main medicinal properties.
  • Another interesting story is said to have come from the originator of Cultured Pearls: Kokichi Mikimoto. Mikimoto had great health and he lived to be 96 years. It is said that someone asked him his "secret to health and longevity" and that he said: "Every night I drink a full glass of water, which had a pearl in it all day long". Bottoms up and to your health!
Pearls continue to be used by Modern Medicine
  • Pearls have been used for their medicinal value, since their earliest discovery by man. Interestingly enough, the modern pharmaceutical industry continues to use pearls in medicine.
  • In particular, pearls that are of inferior quality and cannot be used in jewelry are ground into a fine powder and used to prepare high-quality pharmaceutical calcium that can be used a treatment for osteoporosis and to treat acid reflux.

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