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  • Yes! That is me oh my goodness I'm sorry. I'm not super computer savvy...nor am I very creative with usernames...apparently. :eek:
    Hi Blaire,

    Was wondering if you had plans to start a thread on the 2015 Spectrum Awards? I don't want to throw shade on the Pearls of the Week thread(s), but wow some of these pearls are pretty stunning! Let me know if you have that in the works, or if I can start a new thread on it.

    Hope you're doing well, and have a great day!

    Thank you! I miss you too and it is killing me that the Ruckus happens at an awkward time for my family trip. Let me know if you come up to LA, though. xxoo
    Was watching a tv programme on the ice age and there was a lady called Blaire... Was just wondering if it might be you??!! You are the first person called Blaire that I have come across so I immediately thought of you. She was also in California, perhaps Los Angeles, can't remember.
    Happy Huku
    I am trying very hard to find out some information on pearls I purchased in a Estate Lot Sale - and thought I had uploaded the images to ask for help but now I cannot find those pictures or the message I wrote - I am absolutely clueless now and have no idea where to turn or what to do next. The pearls I bought have the vintage 10 kt clasp and are double knotted and yes I did the teeth test and yes it was absolutely gritty, icky and felt like my teeth were scratching a chalk board - any idea how I can get somebody to look at the pics I took and obviously - how can I post the pics? Clueless, queenbeecanada
    Thanks GemGeek! I've just seen this message here, still finding my way around the CP! What a lovely place and community this is, so much wisdom and encouragement! :)
    Hi GemGeek,
    I wrote a longer more personal missive, but I don't know how to reach you. Please would you give me suggestions?
    Hi GemGeek,
    Thank you for messaging me! I've enjoyed learning from you over the past 7 months. I appreciate your artistic background as well as your teaching. I just wish you and the mentors were closer to me!
    :) Thanks for visiting!

    It must be hard for someone to suddenly have to learn everything she needs to know to buy wedding pearls, on a tight budget. Very high pressure. I'm glad we're here to help.
    Hi Blaire,
    I was wondering where you purchased your Eyris blue pieces. I Really like the colors and especially your beautifull ring...
    I too have just had a wonderful wander through your photos, thanks for posting so many great pics!
    Hi Blaire,

    Just visited your albums. I like you pearl collection and creations. Lots of gorgeous pieces. I had a great time visiting. Thanks for sharing :D
    Hey gorgeous Blaire! I had the pleasure today of pearl choosing with another pearl lover at one of my preferred suppliers here in HK... after about 15 mins of polite chat, I asked if she were Betty Sue King, and indeed she was! We enjoyed each other's company for an hour or two longer whilst making our selections... what a lovely woman she is! Anyway, she was amazed that someone from Australia would know who she was..
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