Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015


Pearl Paradise
Jun 22, 2004
It's about that time again - July 24th, 25th, 26th!

Hisano and I went property hunting yesterday and believe we've found the perfect location! It's a mansion in the Pacific Palisades with an amazing ocean view.

Like always, everyone who loves pearls is invited. But we need to know who is coming, bringing spouses, etc. Please let us both know as soon as you can.
Different one from last year? I hope this one comes with staff, so you can enjoy the time with us!
Just marked my calendar. I'm planning on coming. Thank you so much.
I would love to come and meet you all and surround myself with pearls, but I won't be able to this year. Maybe next year! I look forward to stories and many, many photos.
For those attending this year's event, have a great time; and I look forward to joining you in 2016 if all goes according to plan.

DK :)
I would love to join you all for Ruckus 2015! Hubby will accompany me and will likely pop in and out between beach visits. Many thanks to Jeremy & Hisano for the gracious invitation ... so look forward to seeing pearls and friends :)
I am in, at least for Saturday. I have to try to talk DH into watching the girls for 2 nights this time so I can come up on Friday. I can't wait to see my lovely pearly friends and all their lovely pearls again!. Thanks so much to Jeremy and Hisano for hosting this fantastic event!