Who is attending the Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2016, July 29, 30, 31???

GemGeek, that natural pearl necklace is stunning! I don't think I've seen any photos of it before on P-G.

I hope whoever buys it takes lots of neck shots. :)
Oh, I still love that blue Eyris pendant, Blaire ... I need to see that natural necklace :)

Walter and I will be around LAX playing taxi, then around PP a bit playing taxi again. Lunch in the PP area might happen :) Can't wait to see everyone.
I did work to earn the natural strand from someone who bought it from KC Bell, a natural pearl dealer. It never occurred to me to take a photo. It's very small and I am very big, so I was thinking I would add in small gold beads and make a bigger necklace, but never got around to it. Now I need the money more than I need a necklace and here is the one group that could appreciate it. I held it up to the lamp and as Dave says, they all look very different, several are almost transparent.
Yes, it is coiled, but it is really tiny and not as impressive in person. :)
2016-07-30 06.01.53.jpg2016-07-30 06.02.49.jpg
A couple items I selected at PP on Friday afternoon that I'm thinking of getting. A Tahitian keshi necklace, which has been on my wish list for years, and this purple-pink Edison drop, which is a nice color to go with my Edison ring.
I'm so on board with that.