Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

IMG_1451.jpg California friends
Oh, those tin cups are killing me! (In a good way).

And the sea of Cortez pendants... Double sigh.
Lots of beauties, and everyone is coordinating with outfits very nicely. And looks like fun!
That is one of my favourite mabe pendant design. Love love love! Is it sterling silver or white gold?

Douglas's newest designer in Mexico city. 14k white gold. He has more from him available. The pendant is U grade and earrings AAA grademabe.jpg
Some of us decided to take a road trip down to Bella Findings in downtown Los Angeles. These are our adventure photos. We will make this a annual event, it was great.IMG_1350.jpg
IMG_1366.jpg Bella has two entrances on these two streets, we entered the wrong one and then were directed to the correct one.