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  • Dear Cathy
    I am really saddened to see you go...really.
    I believe the issue is totally on the browser and not on the forum, so there is not much I can do but offer suggestions.

    Also, there is nothing really that "new" it's still the same forum but there are things like the new "Camera Icon" feature that actually make it BETTER than before.

    I hope you stick to the forum...I will be saddened if you don't. :(

    How is Walter doing? How are you doing? Did you get your shots?
    I'm sorry to hear that. I know your heart is in the right place. However, if the problem was my browser, it would change if I change browsers and I've tried 3. If it was my laptop settings OR browser settings, it would affect other websites and software. It's not; it's only Pearl-Guide and only since the update. The opening page doesn't display correctly either. BWeaves has the same exact issues. Every programer I worked with for 30 years made all the fonts smaller so more would fit on phone screens etc., and we'd have to go make them fix the issue. Or the programer's settings are off for Mac OS? I'm not a programer but that is my educated guess. My phone displays the opening page somewhat better, but of course everything else is even smaller, on a tiny screen, so that's not an option except when traveling without a laptop. I only spoke up to document what I was seeing, and that it matched what BWeaves is struggling with, NOT to complain. I am more than willing to learn new issues, and also to wait patiently for issues to be addressed, to be glad if some things are improved and I CERTAINLY understand the need for better security. Clearly there is no Pearl Guide solution for the small fonts many of us have spoken about, nor for me.. I leave this message privately as it is not my intention to bring complaints nor negativity to this forum. Heartbroken. We are okay, have had 2 covid shots each, and nothing else changes because we are still a danger to our daughter and grandson for whom there are no vaccines, even though our son-in-law is a paramedic and treats covid patients every day. He's vaccinated, but not the family. I pray their futures will be better than ours. You're always welcome to find me on Facebook or email of course. Be well and be safe.
    hi Cathy, I am new here, can you please teach me to how to post a public message on the forum?
    I'm looking to purchase a white south sea pearl ring 11-12mm what to asking for recommendation on vendor, or getting a quote here. can you please help me?

    Thank you
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