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  • This is just a shout out to M. , the cosmetics department sales associate I chatted with today at Nordstrom, who admired my Tahitians and said she wanted to get a strand for Christmas this year. You have come to the right place for a pearl education! :)

    Be sure to visit the Show Us Your Pearls forum, and the Tahitian forum, and feel free to post any questions you may have!

    If you don't see the strand you want at the vendor's sites, use Live Chat or phone them. They generally have more pearls than are shown on their sites.
    Hi! I tried to post a question twice yesterday but it hasn't shown up. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
    Hi Pearl Dreams, hope this message gets to you.
    I was wanting a bit of advice/inspiration/suggestion from you if you don't mind me asking:
    I have an old graduated akoya strand, about 4mm to 6mm that were restrung a year or two ago, they are now too short. I'd love to know what you would do with them if they were yours?! Originally I was after some iolite beads to add to them like my reds in my avatar. I want blue as the clasp is a lovely blue sapphire (I think). I already have a lapis/fw rope so do not want lapis. I then saw that lovely rope of keshis and akoyas made by Sarah. I've been wanting to ask you for a while but keep getting distracted with other things!
    You have such great taste. I love all your pieces and the photos are outstanding. A little bit of peace in a busy world - perusing your pearls!
    Thank you for your message, I am trying to reply but not sure if this is the right way! I have just started a new thread where you will see why I have such a soft spot for graduated akoyas and why I always admire your treasures so much. I also love the way you bring these poor discarded beauties back to life and wear them and enjoy them. Look forward to hearing about your next find!
    (I managed to post this message on my own visitor page when I actually thought I was replying to you - drrr!!)
    No really. It's not just that you have retained the huge amount that you've learned (and you share it well), but that it's 100 percent accurate and not a little "fuzzy". :)
    Look at you - giving awesome advice and posting the perfect orient photo. BRAVO! :cool:
    I've been drooling over your albums. Gorgeous pearls! Your multicolor is making me think I'm really going to need one in the near future.
    I'm posting a greeting to the jewelry counter sales associate I had such a nice chat with today at TJ Maxx in Farmington, CT.

    I was admiring the large white hollow pearls and told you about how they formed around a nucleus of mud. These are also called souffle pearls (or muck pearls, because of the muck/mud around which they formed.) Sometimes these pearls have wild natural colors but the ones I was admiring today were bleached white. For a discussion thread about souffle pearls , see this link:
    I usually forget to visit personal pages, my own included, but when I visited yours and saw your albums, I was knocked over. Not only is your collection totally faboo -as gemgeek would say, but you have put so much up in your albums! I am really impressed with your taste and your collection!
    Waving a big "hello" to the pearl lover I met at T J Maxx tonight!
    By the way, the username you said you would use on this forum is still available-- i checked!
    Just posting to say "hi" to my friend S.G. whom I directed to this site. It was great seeing you again today! :)
    I would like to say "Hi" to the gentleman I met at Tiffany's in Westport today, who was having difficulty finding the pearls he desired, and whom I directed here. I hope you find what you are looking for!
    I just want to say "hi" to the computer sales associate I met today at the mall, who loves her Akoya pearls and plans to visit P-G. :)

    Check out the section about Akoya pearls on this forum:

    I have bought repeatedly from Jeremy Shepherd ( and recommend his pearls (I am not affiliated with him). He has some fabulous Akoyas-- to die for!
    I'm from Wethersfield and we visit our children in Fairfield and Simsbury. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creations. Do you sell them or are they just for you? We'll be up in April or May. Thank you for the beautiful images.
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