Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

I'd really love to go to the ruckus - I watched the videos from previous years and it looked so elegant and like so much fun! But I don't know anyone and am more than just a bit of a wallflower... I can barely bring myself to comment on threads... (but I do read everything).

I went to the Ruckus last year after only being on the forum for a couple of months. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I had a blast. I cannot wait to return this year.
Not at all-- if you go by the dictionary "ruckus" refers to a commotion, disturbance or controversy! I'm not sure how this term came to be chosen for the get-together.

Maybe it's a happy commotion. :)

The gathering was originally called ICPGC, the abbreviation for International, Consequential Pearl-Guide Conference, pronounced something like "ick-pa-gick." Mikeyy may have had something to do with renaming it The Ruckus, lol.
Oh, Pattye, I wondered if anyone remembered ickpagick, lol. I remember seeing the elegant black-tie-looking invitation, and thinking "WOW! These must be the most influential, sophisticated people in the world..." - just from looking at the invitation...

I still hope to get there and meet everyone, someday.
In Tucson -back in the early 1990's when we started doing the Tucson Gem Shows- I heard people talking about a "Ruckus" (same word) and I had never heard it before, so having this inquisitive mind of mine I actually asked why it was called "Ruckus" and I remember this man saying: "We are in the "rock business", so it is "rocks" and "us"...and it sounds better". Made complete sense to me!

So, I remember the first time I heard about the "Pearl Ruckus" I just told my self: Makes sense! A gathering of people in the gem business but the pearl being the star of the show!!!

I guess there could be an "Emerald Ruckus", an "Opal Ruckus" (maybe there are)...but truly: the Pearl Business is really special, the nicest & most passionate people I have ever met. I feel really fortunate to be a part of this industry and -of course- to be a part of this very special gathering of pearl lovers...the Pearl Ruckus really Rocks (Pearls???) our World!!!

I am all set to go to the Ruckus this year...before the 4 hurricanes that have been scheduled to hit our area this year do so (15 hurricanes have been estimated in our region for 2015). So...are you all ready??? :D

I am!!!
I really wish I could attend...but I fear I will need to live vicariously through you all! I am particularly interested in seeing the Pearls of Cortez live and in person, as I have been drooling over all the photos shared. What a wonderful group of people who share a common interest, and varied perspective on pearls! I will have to settle for a good glass of wine while viewing the play by play photo blog. And if I may, be so bold to suggest, that the videos of the presentations from last year were so appreciated, these should be done again this year!
Mounir and I are very much looking forward to joining you all again this year.
Thank you to Jeremy and Hisano for their gracious invitation.
Can't wait!
My favorite part is seeing the creations everyone wears, and hearing the stories behind them!

(I didn't see a pool in that video... so I suppose we will have to use one of the neighbors) :0
AW MAN i am not going to be able to attend. i am so disappointed! i will be in NM hosting my parents' 50th wedding anniversary at that very time. not that i won't also be having a blast, i just won't be immersed in pearls (and i will miss seeing everyone!!!).
Hisano and I are definitely looking forward to it! We don't have a pool this year, unfortunately, but the location is fantastic!
I went to The Ruckus last year, and enjoyed it so much ... highlights being the beatific divan on which I reposed by open french doors to one of the balconies, the informational presentations, seeing so many pearls of high repute, my first crush on Sea of Cortez pearls, my first boggling & bedazzling visit to Pearl Paradise, and not least meeting new pearl friends & putting faces to P-G screen names.

I would like to go again but this year we are building a house. I thought we would be moving in soon, and that was after listening to all the people who said it takes longer than you think and costs more than you think. But now it seems that Ruckus is likely to be at a stage when, if I am not here, I may end up with home details that I will live with most probably for the rest of my life. (Really? You put the light switches right there? The furnace vents? If that toilet was just 1' to the left this whole bathroom would be more comfortable.... that.

So this year I am taking the long view, prioritizing, and regretfully sending "regrets".

Have a great time!

Elizabeth, I hear you on building a home...we did a major remodel about 10 years ago, and it was a 2.5 year process start to finish. I have a list of do-overs for the next time (what was I thinking putting in a jetted tub that NO ONE uses...takes up so much space)...I should have done a separate water closet for the toilet in the master bath...or better, two separate baths!! One for me, one for DH. But once it's done, you will love it.
OK - here's the link to the history of the first ruckus, thrown out as a semi-joke by Mikey, not knowing my social director tendencies and the many hussies lurking on PG. It looks like GemGeek broke out the word "ruckus" and from there it went viral. When Jeremy came on board (almost immediately) it really became a reality. I'm imagining it too PP weeks to recover from the amount of ruckusing that ensued.
That is a magnificent venue. Some day, the stars will align so I can have the time and the money for Ruckus.
Pearly Shell - "Ooh, The Mikeyy's International, Consequential, Pearl Guide Convention.... sounds like a ruckus in the making!" The birth of the ruckus ! Well found Sheryl !

That was a fun read.
Wow! So that's how it all began! Thanks for the link, waimeamomi!
So fun to re-read...I have a big smile on my face ...brings back great memories!

I still kind of like "ik-pa-gick", though.