Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

Oh, I'm delighted to look forward to that bag of treasures :) !!!
Mikeyy -- YAY! That brought a smile to my face! Last year's GSS ring purchase is often worn!
Hopefully someone takes lots of good pics for those who won't be making it!
Dear Ruckus 2015 guests,

Jeremy and I are excited to host our annual pearl weekend!
Please provide the following info to my email:

1. Your full name
2. Your Pearl Guide name
3. cell phone number
4. roommate request
5. food allergies
6. hotel info if you are staying outside of the mansion
7. name of guests who will be attending Saturday night cocktail party

I will be sending directions to the mansion and any other info when it gets closer to the event.
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There will be a lot of photos and videos so you can get an idea of what goes on. It's like a pearly sleepover party. :)
I had hoped to be able to attend this year, but life got in the way. I look forward to everyone's stories and pictures and plan on going next year!
I'll be offering Sheri's Crafty Corner if anyone wants to learn how to make a super quick and easy wire-wrapped pearl ring. Everyone who wants to make one will finish, I promise!


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la corsetiere -- at the mansion, or at PP during the vault visit? BYOP?
Sheri, that looks like fun :) Should we bring pliers, tools, pearls etc.? Thanks for doing this!