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lisa c
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  • Hi Lisa,

    I just tried to PM you and it seems your mail box is full. I will look for your alternative email and send it there.
    Thank you Lisa.
    Lucas just had four lessons through school, he doesn't seem interested in doing any more. He's more a computer programming kind of kid. As long as he's in reach of his mouse he's happy lol
    Oh and thank you it is one of my fave movies :) and Yes I have checked out the show us. I just haven't had a chance to post my own pearls. I loved what everyone else has posted
    Thank You, Thank You. I had a lovely day (aside from being cold as h***) and actually spent time with both of my children, TOGETHER. We haven't done that in a dog's age.
    Nah, I'm fine and have been at work this week. Unfortunately, several other people here are sick too. We're all going through it together! ;)
    Feeling much better. Are you talking about snap findings that you push down over gemstones to make earrings and pendants? I would say that they are okay for earrings up to 7 millimeters. They aren't the most durable. It can be better to find a jeweler who will do gold work. You need to work your way up from silver, take classes, all fun! ;)
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