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  • Hi Sheryl,
    I'm going to revise the estimate of Biwa strands I have down to 1. The strand I'm thinking is Biwa looks serene all the way around the pearl. The Chinese pearls (rice krispie pearls) have a hectic, busy look. Even the RK pearls that look smoothish on the facing surface look a little hectic on the non-facing surfaces.
    Lisa C
    Hi Sheryl,
    So far I've bought 14k;
    6" of 22gaugewire, from ugems I think, (no earthly idea what I was thinking I'd do w it, I was on ebay late one night), and
    beads, split rings, bails,drops and headpins from jadeemporium, in very small quantities.

    I wanted to repair some jewelry I hadn't worn for a while because of missing pieces, such as that.

    I like that I don't have to worry about 'wear' re the 14kgold. I hope, anyway. The person at JadeE is very nice. For all I know, she's a member of PG!

    I'd like to buy some decorative bead caps(?) to top a couple of pearls, to FIX my daughter's drop earrings, for good. Rather than replace a lost pearl I'm going to buy a pair of full-drilled pearls from PP, and since they'll be fully drilled I want to do something to make them look more finished.
    I like the filigree look. So far I've looked at Stachura, and other places. I LOVE Rio Grande, but find them pricey, of course.

    I'm kinda strapped for cash, so I have to decide just how much I want to put into fixing up these earrings, and when. She isn't one to be real careful with what she has. I'm not sure why that is (unless she just takes after her father:eek:. That's a LOL, there), or if it's a permanent trait. Maybe I'll fix them up for myself:rolleyes:.

    I'm definitely going to buy a rosegold clasp from Star's Clasps, in multiples if I can. I've had my eyes on it for a while. Imanit used it -you can see it under "time to show you another one" on PG.
    I've begun taking apart old necklaces, to see what I want to make of them in combination with some strands I'm waiting on from China(again, small time order, just $15). Ordering for the first time from Integrity Pearls comes after I get the China pearls.

    Ironically, the pearls I've spent the most on over the years are the least worthy, and the ones I've gotten for 95cents at the local thrift are better quality. I actually have what I think are 3 Biwa necklaces, bought during the years when they were out of fashion.

    I think most of the craftswomen/men on PG operate in a richer arena, but that's not surprising given that I'm literally just starting to learn.
    I want to be a Humble Beader. Or an Humble Beader, if not pronouncing the H.
    Sorry it's such a long post.
    I'm grateful for your offer of help, surely I need it!:)
    Well, darn! What a shame the hui didn't come about. I was thinking of how the logistics might work, or not, and there are pitfalls.

    I sold Mary Kay for a while, and sometimes if we weren't ready to place an order by ourselves we'd pony up with a rep who WAS ready. That worked because the more you bought the bigger the discount, independent of the # of each item. We were in the same area, too.

    It seems like the findings companies do the discount per # of each item, or so it seems to me. I'm pretty overwhelmed by all the information I'm trying to soak up lately, though, so maybe I have that wrong.

    Thank you for the offer to help. I understand your point about strings and quality of pearls, too.

    Well, it was a cool idea, anyway! Thanks again,
    Lisa C
    Hi! I'm interested in joining your hui, but I don't have anything big ($) to contribute in terms of buying right now. May I join anyway, maybe help a little bit by purchasing some of your findings? I think your hui is a terrific idea. I'm just getting started, learning, but I think I may have stumbled on a future lifelong passion.
    Lisa C
    Thanks for your message - glad you liked my post on Kamoka. Hmmmm...stopping in Hawaii next time sounds like a GREAT idea...will have to keep that in mind ;) Sheri
    Hahah. Yeah just say it backwards ten times fast!

    Thanks. I hope there are some a few matching pairs in that pearl pile!
    Howzit, tita! Thanks for checking on the rotting corpse ;)

    Geez--I haven't logged on for over two months!

    I have been *really* busy, and didn't allow myself to log on to pearl-guide because it's simply too easy for me to get carried away reading and posting for hours on end.

    It was nice to start off reading the thread about _The Secret_. I love topics like that, and people made some inspiring comments. I've got a major task, which I still haven't had the guts to start, so that thread was freakishly relevant for me.

    I really appreciated your message. It's nice to be back on the forum!

    p.s. Bought a vintage opal ring (with seed pearls) -- heehee
    You have gorgeous creations, Sheryl! I loved your albums with your pearl and gemstone creations, and your real pearls (your daughters)! Beautiful!!
    Hi Sheryl,
    You are very welcome. It was truly my pleasure to help you in any way possible and yes...... coffee sounds great the next time you are in NYC.
    Yes, I do work next door to the place I recommended to you for tools. I am a goldsmith and I rent bench space there. About 10 people (all metalsmiths) co-op that room. I work in 22k and hand fabricate classical jewelry. It's not a sideline, I do it full time.
    By the way, the pearls you bought are beautiful.
    Hope to see you in NYC sometime soon but Hawaii sounds much better.
    P.S. Disregard my note below; I fixed my mistake!
    Hi Sheryl, I responded to you but it didn't make it here. I guess I did it incorrectly. Go to my profile page to read my response.
    Aloha Waimeamomi,
    I am new to this site. Is your husband the football coach at HPA? My son graduated from there in 2004.
    You have lovely jewelry.
    Mahalo! Iʻm happy that I found this forum, although I probably spend too much time on it. Can I add you to my friends list? Itʻs pretty bare right now because Iʻm shy about asking. I love opal beads, but they are so hard to get. Those are jelly opals, which glow but donʻt have any real fire. The really, really nice ones are just brilliant, like those Tahitians you had on, and about that price. If I ever really get things going, I want to get some really ones to add mix with nice pearls. Some day.
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