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  • Dear Patty, I recently purchased a vintage 14k Mikimoto Pearl Brooch on an auction website paid almost $700. The website states visible glue on the Pearl. I examined the brooch carefully, it does have MG K14 hallmark on the brooch. On the back of some pearls do have noticeable yellow glue than the other pearls. All pearls do appear to be light cream in bright luster. But some of the pearls are not in a perfect condition, you can see tiny blemishes on the pearls. Do you think it’s possible for someone to switch pearls?
    Hi Janice, What a lovely brooch! Well, it sounds like the pearls are well matched for color, and as Akoyas can get a more creamy color with age, I would say that newer pearls would be a distinctly different (lighter) color. It would take some doing to remove pearls without damaging them. And then find similar pearls to replace them. It is difficult for me to imagine why anyone would switch pearls on your brooch. Removing a pearl from its post in a piece of jewelry is a difficult thing to do. Miki has multiple grades of pearls, and possibly lightly blemished pearls were used in the brooches.
    Was a pearl grade indicated or that there were light blemishes? Is it returnable if you feel it isn't as described?
    Wishing you the best, Pattye
    You are most welcome. There are a lot of stories behind those pictures and there are a lot of pictures about the environment of the shells but they will have to wait for the proper thread :D
    Thanks, Pattye! I'm hoping that they'll go with spring around the corner. BTW -- I saw the strand of silver-pink keshi in your artfire shop. I think they'll be great in a project that I'm working on. Are those ones that you've picked up from John Tu as well? Are they as lustrous IRL as they appear in the photos?
    Hi Pattye, saw you logged in and thought I would say hello!
    Pattye, thank you for the photos of the pearls you sold me, which I have posted in an album under my profile. I want everyone to know how fantastic your knotting is and how glorious the pearls are. Truly you are the Mistress of Pearls and I would recommend you to anyone without a moment's hesitation. Thank you so much!!!
    Hi Pattye...
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I am really shy, though I cover it up with sarcasm. :) You're a pearlicious angel.
    Well, thought I would remove the sales messages and clean things up abit----OOPS!!!
    Hi Pattye, it was really nice getting to know you better at the ruckus. Those Cortez mabes are so beautiful in person, as well as the gold SS and your other pearls. I hope we'll meet again next year.
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