Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

JerseyPearl, that's another stunning rope ... it's beautiful in your photos, and just incredible in PP's promotional photos !
Baby Nurse, that is one of the best ropes ever, sigh ... so gorgeous! I should, but don't remember ... did you start completely from scratch with individual pearls, or add and delete to existing strands to get to your rope? Eye candy indeed, and most welcome :)

You always have something nice to say, Cathy! Thank you!

Chenai found a special 18" multicolor drop shaped Tahitian strand and from there we hand picked loose pearls with pretty overtones, clean surfaces, some ringed for added interest, and ones with nice luster. Originally we added WSS but decided it was distracting and removed them.

I'll find the picture of it with the WSS, taken by me during our visit to the Vault.

The second pic was taken by Chenai after the WSS were removed and the rope was ready to be strung.

The third is me getting to know the pearls once the rope had been delivered!

mixed tahitian rope
Multicolor Tahitian pearl rope
Colorful Tahitian pearls from Pearl Paradise Ruckus
Ah, Baby Nurse NOW I remember ... the WSS pearls being in and then out jogged my memory. You and Chenai did such a wonderful job ... just beautiful :)
Wow BabyNurse ! WOW - those blue Akoya are seriously, seriously stunning. The colours are astonishing. Add those to your absolutely amazing Tahitians ... gangbusters ! (I'm running out of adjectives... lemme see....stunning..gorgeous astonishing amazing.. oh got one ... GLORIOUS!) Ok they are both GLORIOUS! I am so jealous..literally green with envy )
Katbran - I think I need to find a Thesaurus to look up more adjectives for those pearls!
baby nurse -- I believe that first shot was taken while we were sitting around at PP waiting for a "certain someone" to return my luggage which had accidentally been whisked away to the airport! Everyone at PP was so kind after an exhausting Ruckus weekend! Your final rope is fantastic. I call it the "Christmas tree ornaments" rope.
baby nurse Your final Tahitian rope turned out lovely! The pearls themselves are just gorgeous, but the memories attached to your necklace make it even more special!
BabyNurse, what an afternoon that must've been. You have a fine eye for pearls and color. Looking in your jewel chest must be mesmerizing...thank you for sharing! What are the mm approximately?

jersey pearl, they're lovely! What are the mm for yours?

these pearls, photos... I'm actually feeling intoxicated. Do they look this way IRL?

Could someone please turn Bertrande's photo (page 10) right side up? I'd love to see them properly, offering Gratitude in advance!
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Hope this works ... and hope Bertrande doesn't mind being turned around ... :) For you, Lisa C ...

Bertrande's natural hanadama strand from Pearl Paradise
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I have a strand of naturals from PP too -.- I must wear them!
QUOTE=Pearl Dreams;130715]Those natural-white akoyas of Bertrande's are stunning, really![/QUOTE]
Thank you, CathyK! So much better.

Pkinnew! Seriously, yes you must wear them!

I can't wait to see your albums when you make them in your profiles, you guys. Not being pushy, I'm kind of remiss myself, but I'm working on it.
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Wow, so many gorgeous pics in this thread...I'm suffering from sensory overload! BabyNurse, I'm amazed how colorful those Tahitians are, even against a brightly-colored top. Good job! Drool, drool.
The blues...

The blues...

Today I'm wearing my PP blue Akoyas with SOC earrings and a PP Akoya and diamond ring. I took the shot with them together (last picture) because you can really see the colors better, especially the earrings. Added - I took out a picture of the ring on my hand because it's REAL bad.