Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Wow, Baby Nurse ... those blues look incredible! I love the way the color changes ever so slightly between the teal and the cobalt sweaters ... and work perfectly with both ... THANKS for posting here :)
ABsolutely FABulous, BAS!

What a gorgeous, classic strand. It seems criminal NOT to go to parties with that strand...
Baby Nurse, your blue akoyas remain one of the most beautiful sets of pearls I have ever seen. They are truly captivating and it's hard to follow BAS's amazing white South Sea pearls. <3
Knock me down! They're Gorgeous! Thank you, holy cow, I feel reverential.

You guys, your photos are like striking a MotherLode. BTW, we have Albums here.
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baby-nurse -- that is one of my favorite pieces of your vast collection!

My madama set (earring design by Hisano) seemed appropriate to celebrate my baby girl's 18th birthday today!

Madama akoya pearls from Pearl Paradise
Earrings matching madama akoya strand
Madama akoya set from Pearl Paradise
Those are dreamy!! Sigh, and the pictures don't do them justice.

Happy birthday to your little girl! I gasped when I heard she was eighteen.
WOW!!! Thanks for posting it here! :DThat is a necklace fit for a queen. The color is stunning in triplicate!

I used to post my "Pearls in Action" on PS-- in an effort to increase eye candy on PG, I'm going to post them here ; )

These are my blue baroque akoya, 8.5-9mm, purchased from PP this past summer.

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Thank you for the compliments re my blue akoya GemGeek, lisa c, and Caitlin! I'm very flattered.
Thank you, JerseyPearl!

This is my 50" Tahitian rope, assembled during the PP Ruckus. I have a lot of happy memories associated with this piece and I wear it often.

50 inch Tahitian pearl rope Pearl Paradise
Close up 50 inch Tahitian pearl rope Pearl Paradise
50 inch Tahitian pearl rope doubled Pearl Paradise
Baby Nurse, that is one of the best ropes ever, sigh ... so gorgeous! I should, but don't remember ... did you start completely from scratch with individual pearls, or add and delete to existing strands to get to your rope? Eye candy indeed, and most welcome :)
I'm just catching up over here and love seeing these gorgeous pearls! Thanks for posting them!
JerseyPearl -- that is so colorful and beautiful! How many inches long is it?
35" This is the strand lilliefuzzysocks picked out for me during the ruckus (which I could not attend...but maybe someday!) It was the same strand featured in their promotion. The photos I took really stink, but in real life the colors are amazing.