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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thank you Pattye! If almost all of us visited theatre only one's a year ... must be another way to be with pearls...
Narcissa! I decided to be with pearls every minute of my life near river, when I sleep when I go to gather mushrooms. Life's too short to live it without pearls! Even one day!


New member
HG Ripples and Souffles!

HG Ripples and Souffles!

Sticking with the big pearl look this week I'm wearing my HG ripples and fancy colored souffle earrings. Metallic color here we come!


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New member
20140915_173837.jpg I have these similar edison pair...still waiting for the jeweler to finish it though :( ..I asked him to create a handmade cap and shepherds hook in rose gold..


New member
I have to share this picture of my tin cup (pink peach metallic pearls on rose gold chain) that I wore yesterday ...got a guy to weave around 5 people to try to start a conversation with me while waiting for the train into the city ....I think it's the pearls...lol



New member

my new button earrings that came yesterday afternoon from PP. it's my first set of button pearls and i really like how they sit against my earlobes!
FunkyPearl - those earrings look really nice... I agree that in the larger sizes the buttons would certainly sit a bit better on the earlobe. An the Tin Cup looks great !

Pkinnew - those colours...fabulous! The necklace looks wonderful on you!!

MelT - I love the Rose Gold chain ! (At least my monitor is making it look like Rose Gold ) Such a lovely necklace...I don't think it was the pearls that caught his eye .... lol


New member
I'm going to a fancy birthday party tonight. A great opportunity to wear my PP Ruckus WSS strand. Since I don't have WSS earrings (yet), I paired the necklace with my brand new PP Bauhaus earrings! When I saw them on sale for 40% off, I eventually caved. The finishing touch will be my "Mikeyy's suitcase" GSS ring:

neck shot 1-17-15.jpg

close-up 1-17-15.jpg

with bauhaus earrings 1.jpg


New member
Oh, hello to those pretty earrings, and that white SS necklace is glorious. Have a wonderful time at the party tonight!