Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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May 12, 2012
So I used to frequent a forum for another type of item that had a neat thread called "Your **** in Action!" where people could post pictures of their item "working it" in the real world, I always used to enjoy browsing that thread! I thought it might be fun to start one here for those that wanted to post some pictures of "pearls in action" making us look beauteous IRL! Soooo, I'll start, here's some pictures of my pondslime strand and I in the restroom at work today (washing hands, not using the facilities!), please excuse the labcoat. I was mesmerized by the colors and lustre under the florescent lights of the bathroom. I'm not normally one for multicolored strands, but I just love this one, and I feel like the colors go with everything!

I had strung these initially with some gold spacer beads, but decided to restring them without them...I liked the beads but I felt they stole the spotlight from the pearls :) I used the beadcaps to make these cute little earrings out of a few of the extra pearls:

Here's a natural light comparison (out in the car driving around, which is where I generally am when not in the restroom washing my hands, pearls are really working it today!)

So...who's up for sharing some pics of YOUR Pearls in Action???
Ooh! I love the olive and taupe colors in this strand! I can totally see that going with everything.
Great idea!

I'm predicting that this thread is going to get a lot of posts! :)
Yay to this thread! My new double strand souffle - twisted with my new metallic drops (Pearl Paradise purchases):

Pearl Paradise souffle pearls with metallic drops

Metallic drops with souffle pearl strand
It's a very hot, tank top and no makeup sort of day here. This is my current favorite everyday earring combo, a blurry phone pic of course! I love these dyed freshwater buttons. To the untrained eye they have that pretty gray body, green overtone tahitian look and you just can't tell they aren't round.

Very pretty. Really, buttons are soooo much easier to wear in post earrings. I like the way the bark enhances the earring! ;)
The hair gets in the way, but you get the idea. Rose gold findings with lavender metallics from PP. :)

blaire 7-19-13.jpg
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Gem geek -- that abalone is gorgeous! May I ask where you bought it?
Thanks. It came from Imperial. I bought it at Tucson, but they sometimes have them on their website. :) it's an Eyris Blue Pearl.
Thanks. It came from Imperial. I bought it at Tucson, but they sometimes have them on their website. :) it's an Eyris Blue Pearl.

Oh my! That has to be one of the most beautiful pendants I have ever seen! Oh and to own an Eyris Blue Pearl ~ you are one lucky girl!!!