Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I love all these different necklaces; Jerseypearl, Fuzzysocks did pick you an amazing strand. Enkeli; that keshi necklace is really cool, very unique. And Sherri; whew baby, you put together the most amazing creations. Well done one and all! :)
She did indeed! And I am forever grateful for her wonderful taste.
View attachment 31855My "work" outfit on the way to my volunteer diver stint at the aquarium. Old jeans, Gap tank, man's shirt, and pearls! Wearing a dyed freshwater strand with my own creation, octo-enhancer, cast bronze with gigantic oilslick-hued 18+mm FW head.
I would love to see a close up of the octopus. It is spectacular.
La_corsetiere! Amazing Octopus! You are so creative person!
I like to take photos! Every party, every event! Only I! That's why I have no my own photos! But I love pearls too much! And I made photos when I go fishing or some party with friends near fire in a forest near river


My Tahitian ring 8mm and earrings 10 мм
I am a green eyes person
I love green! Thats one is one of my favorite!

Full Complect ring 8mm, pendant 9mm, earrings 10 мм And of course rose gold!
My goodness, Naan, those Tahitians look lovely, so shiny and gorgeous overtones! I'm still working my way up to trying that luscious rose gold too. :)
Great pictures! And I love the urn -- pretty fancy for fishing and forest partying!
Oh I love them too, Naan, they are really yummy - from one green-eyed person to another.
I also admire your samovar, and the woodland setting for it. You are making me think of my ancestors though I am pretty sure none of them wore their pearls while hunting mushrooms and picking berries in the eastern forests.

Maybe they wore their shells strung on leather instead!
Your Tahitians look gorgeous on you! Here's another example of how pearls go anywhere with anything! Show them off!!!

my new button earrings that came yesterday afternoon from PP. it's my first set of button pearls and i really like how they sit against my earlobes!