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Mar 16, 2014
Some may remember these intense, iridescent deep blue Vietnamese pearls. Hisano selected them, and they were on the Pearl Paradise blog. I was lucky enough to get a few, and they've been in John's patient safe keeping at PP while I considered what to do with them. I thought you all might like to see the completed necklace. This is a petite project, set in rose gold, tiny diamonds, 2 small and one bigger incredible blue blue pearls. The center diamond (about 1/3ct) is the diamond from my original engagement ring from Walter so many years ago. These pearls are and were very difficult to photograph; in real life, the bottom pearl is pretty accurate, and the 2 smaller pearls are closer in color to the big pearl. The bust shot is closest to what I see in real life. All credits and THANKS go to Hisano's judgement and eye for pearl hunting, John's design brilliance and PATIENCE, and to Jo at PP for the glamour photos. Ooh, and a big thank you to my Ruckus buddies for the enablement, especially to our Pearl Queen Newberry ;)

Original Possible Layout snapshot. We dropped that center small pearl in favor of my own diamond
BBA Layout.jpg

Jo's Glamour Shots from Pearl Paradise

iridescent bust.jpg
iridescent 2.jpg
iridescent 1.jpg
Oh, my stars!! This is glowingly beautiful!! So feminine, light & airy!! I love it!!
Thank you Charlotta, 86Corvettegirl and Bcm21mk! It is light and airy, delicate yet noticeable. It just arrived today, so I haven't worn it yet. John has been the soul of patience, lol ... I was so afraid to decide what to do with these :) That and the fact that during Ruckus, there are so many other SHINY ... BLINGY ... BEAUTIFUL distractions, it's hard to resist "something new before it escapes!!!" over something in the wings. I'm thrilled with this one :)
Wow! Congratulations, CathyKeshi, on a gorgeous necklace! It really is light and airy, yet oh, so eye catching! I'd love to see a shot of you wearing it. :rolleyes:
Thank you CricketBug! I'm so so so bad at photography, and so not photogenic, sigh ... Here's 2 quck snapshots; blurry, but maybe catches a bit more of the BLUES? I think this necklace needs Andrew LOL ... ;)

IMG_4230 RSUP.jpgIMG_4239 RSUP.jpg


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Oh LOL, you know it's a bad day when you have to flip your own photos, and then they're stuck like ghosts in your post ... sorry folks ...
What Vibrant colors Cathy! Lovely.
Cathy, that necklace is gorgeous!!!! And it's very sweet that it also contains your original engagement diamond.
Stunning necklace, Cathy! I remember those incredibly blue pearls, and I'm happy to see they went to a good home. Enjoy wearing that beauty.
Gosh you are all so nice. It's pretty lonely over here in PA pearl desert :)

Jesskat, Thank You … I was so annoyed about those sideways photos LOL

Abi, I fell so hard for those colors. The photos of the bottom pearl are very true to life; it really is that iridescent and BLUE

Thank You, Bweaves ☺ Walter got me a new ring about 10 years ago, and I hated seeing that stone sitting in a drawer, so it was a win win. Your new Kojima ropes on the other thread look fantastic; I look forward to arrival photos!

Aw, Thanks Red! The blues waited a long time to see daylight but it was worth it.

JerseyPearl, NJ’s not THAT far away if you want a sneak peek when the weather clears ;)

Gemandpearlover, the colors are so intense … I’m a lucky girl!

Too funny Pattye; Look forward to showing it to you in person ... I like puppies LOL!
It was so fun playing with your pearls and diamonds at the Ruckus. The final design is divine. Well done Cathy and enjoy wearing your very very special necklace.
Thank You, pammbw ... ooh Havre de Grace; pretty place!

That's a sweet wish, GemGeek, and much appreciated :)

Ah, my Pearl Queen ... the memories of choosing the pearls, playing with layouts, design etc. is by far the most valuable treasure of all ... Thank You, dear!