Scrapped that Idea!! 2 bangles r made for me!

Thank you ladies! Im planning to have 2 made sum more. 1 with topaz, purple garnet at one end n blue akoya at the other end, n 1 other with topaz, citrine, peridot at one end and the other end will be blue, green, copper fiji.

After just going to wear all of it in 1 wrist haha.
Ohhh, I dug this thread up because I remembered it and I want to make something like that using a freshwater gold that I got from Cees.

But i only have the one pearl. And so it will just be one bangle. I go and think. But how exciting to still find this. And after so long, I remember it and I still admire it so much. :p
Asurazzy, your bracelets are splendid!! I love the combination of pearls & gemstones & the style is very modern! They look so good on you! I know what you mean about wanting fine jewelry but not at the cost of an arm or a leg. These are wonderful & I look forward to seeing the blue Akoya & purple garnet one. Great job!!