White South Sea Pearl Studs from Pearl Paradise have arrived

Thank you all for the kind words!

Thank you CathyKeshi for realigning the photos for me - I uploaded those on my mobile and I couldn’t figure out how to edit and rotate those images in my post :(
Wow! Look at that luster! They really do pop on you. Great purchase and congrats!
Simply gorgeous, they compliment your skin and hair color so well. I would have picked the same pair out of the two! Isn't this website great?;)
The studs looks beautiful on you, Also that lipstick color is perfect for you.
Congratulations on buying yourself these gorgeous earrings for your 25th- you won't regret the purchase.
What a stunning pair of studs! Those are just the perfect size on you, too. Very very nice!
Wow! I echo all of the above, they are beautiful and a perfect pair of earrings for you.
Exquisite - what more can I say! Congratulations on your 25th anniversary as well!