"The KJM Collection" - Andrew's Mom's Pearls

Not a new pearl piece, sadly, but we'll be off to Las Vegas soon, and will be sure to visit Mikimoto at the Crystal Shoppes, just for fun :) It'll be the first time I've been to any Mikimoto, so I'm excited.
I'll be back home tomorrow, after a stop in Albuquerque, NM to see a family friend.

The Mikimoto store was truly incredible! I also come back with some very cool and informative pictures to share... I'll be sure to post soon :)
EDIT: See the next post on page 8 for all the cool pictures and thoughts... :)


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Andrew and Mom visit Mikimoto in Las Vegas at the Shops at Crystals!

First and foremost, for presentation and display as well as just general luxury feeling in a store, Mikimoto cannot be beat, hands down. Of course, that's also why their prices are what they are... :)

We had the chance to look at some truly extraordinary pieces, including a WSS strand that was big -- "Wilma Flinstones" as my mother said:


I didn't get a neck shot of that strand, but it was truly spectacular, and my mother absolutely rocked them, even though she didn't like them.

Next up, we got to see some beautiful Tahitian earrings that my mother tried on:


My mom has always most loved the beautiful Akoya pearl, though, and that's what she enjoyed looking at most.

We brought her Natural White Hanadama strand from Pearl paradise, and it was quite informative to be able to compare what PP has to offer with Mikimoto.

This was the beautiful (regular, not natural white) AAA strand from Mikimoto that my mother tried on:


My cell phone photos can't do the strand justice, honestly. They were truly spectacular, beautiful pearls. I haven't seen anything like them before in person.

Here's the AAA Miki strand next to the PP NWH strand:

And a great comparison photo to show the difference between what pinked and non-pinked strands look like:


Truth be told, the Mikimoto strand was certainly more lustrous, HOWEVER, and that's a big one, I would certainly expect it to be for the price -- an eye-watering, soul-bleeding $56,000.

Beautiful, absolutely. But an absolute unfathomable cost.

Still, it was quite cool for mom to try on such amazing jewelry, and the salesperson at Mikimoto was by far the kindest and most generous of any jewelry store we went to in Vegas. He was more than happy to let us compare with the PP strand and ask as many questions as we wanted.

So, while we won't be buying a AAA Mikimoto strand anytime soon, it was sure cool to see and hold one in person. And, so far as prices go, PP wins hands down for value. You could have a car's worth of cash to spare, buying a PP strand -- that's more pearls ;)

So, all in all, kudos to everyone involved -- kudos to Mikimoto for the most lustrous pearls I have had the chance to see. Props to Pearl Paradise for having very high quality pearls at very not-ridiculous prices.

Please feel free to ask questions about pearls we saw or anything else. Mom would love to relive it, and I enjoy sharing. :)


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Sounds like a wonderful trip. It's always a treat to visit Mikimoto if for nothing else bout to try on & hold them. Unfortunately, I can't see your picture attachments.
86C, strange! :( I see the attachments just fine here. It took some finagling, so hopefully they'll show up for you.

Everyone else, if you see the attachments, ignore the still sideways ones at the bottom of the post -- the PG website has been giving me such fits lately.
86C, strange! :( I see the attachments just fine here. It took some finagling, so hopefully they'll show up for you.

Everyone else, if you see the attachments, ignore the still sideways ones at the bottom of the post -- the PG website has been giving me such fits lately.

They're showing up now, Andrew. What beautiful pearls! I love those Wilma Flintstone SS's but they are wayyyyyy out of my price range. Love the Akoyas!
Thank you! Mom tried on the big WSS strand too, but that one cost about three times as much as the $55,000 Akoya strand, so we were very careful with it, lol. :D

It was sure fun to visit.
Thanks for the comparison with the natural white Hanadamas from PP and the AAA from Mikimoto. The NWH are holding their own against the AAA's. I bought a rope of NWH from PP because my sister wanted my Mom's double strand of AA Mikis. I'm super thrilled with my pearls.
Wow , that Miki strand is amazing. That's the best lustre I've seen... and that's exactly what you are paying for... and paying for...and paying for... lol It's great fun looking at the best of the best. I'm looking forward to visiting Paspaley's flagship store in a week or so to choose pearls for a clients wedding party. I'll see if I can get some photos of the necklaces in the main showroom and we will see what the top WSS are going for.. $$$$
Hi Andrew, I'm sorry the site was down or I would have posted these a couple of days ago. You asked to see my NWH rope with the CZ white gold screw clasp from PP.

NWH rope worn with littleh pearl and emerald necklace.


Worn with my white gold Mikimoto earrings. They're AA.


On my quilt under white light bulbs. The weather here has been horrible for natural lighting, but why I didn't get a white paper towel to put them on, I can't remember. The small pinked strand are my Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon necklace. Middle is my NWH from PP. The double strand are Freshadamas from PP with my grandmother's clasp.


The Freshadamas have a softer, satiny glow, while the Hanadamas are super shiny and mirrorlike. When I wear the strands together, people think the Freshies are real and the Hanadamas are fake, because most people haven't seen pearls that shiny before.

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It looks like you and mom had a lovely time together. I kind of like the Pearl Paradise hanadamas over the Mikimoto ones as well. I don't have any hanadamas myself or Mikimotos, only vintage akoyas accually, but should I buy any new ones I would choose Pearl Paradises hanadamas.
BWeaves, your akoyacollection is gorgeous, especially the hanadama rope.
Thanks for including us in the journey. I think the natural white look better against my skin - they pop and the pinked pearls don't. Mind you, they look good, just not as good. Skin tone matters. I will treasure my PP NWH pearls for the rest of my life and pass them on to be enjoyed by the next generation. I love seeing others conducting their own love affair with pearls!
Love the Mikimotos and comparision. Glad mom had fun and that salesperson was accomodating
Thanks for the pictures, Bweaves!

Here's an additional photo from Vegas that I thought people might be interested in seeing. On the far left is the PP NWH strand, and next to it are Mikimoto A+, AA, and AAA strands, respectively. The only one not in 5-figure prices were of course the PP strand, and the Miki A+ strand, but it came very close, and probably would have been $10,000+ otherwise. PP is definitely the best value for money of all of them.

All lovely pearls, but that AAA Mikimoto strand truly is something to behold, and so is its price tag, lol. It was also quite significantly pinked, albeit beautiful, which is not everyone's cup of tea. The AA and A+ strands were pinked, but minor.

You can really see the pink in these Miki strands ... but wonderful lustre. For the price difference between the lower and middle Miki.. I think I'd go with the lower. The highest grade Miki is so far above everything else in lustre but the price ... a serious OUCH for one's wallet.

PP Hanadama are definitely the best buy in the Quality / Money comparison.