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The Iluka South Sea Keshi Pearl Necklace

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Just read Katerina Perez' article featuring a unique South Sea keshi pearl necklace, considered one of the longest of its kind (article states it IS the longest) made using 42 large Australian keshi and that took the artist some 17 years to create!

From the Article (that you can read in full by clicking here):

The Iluka necklace, whose name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘near the sea’, was 17 years in the making, with 13 of those years spent sourcing the Keshi pearls and...

An Interview with Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise

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This article came up in my morning search! It's an Interview to our own @jshepherd
The article is written by Sara Martins for IV Gradient Insight.

An excerpt:

Get inspired by Jeremy's e-commerce journey with Pearl Paradise. From pearls in China to virtual shopping experiences, he shares insights and the power of AI. Discover game-changing trends for 2023 in this engaging interview on the future of e-commerce.
Jeremy Shepherd, a successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry, has been...

Pearl Luster: The Quality Factor Behind a $1.5 Million Price Tag with Pearl Paradise

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Straight out of YouTube with Jordan and her channel "Jewels of the Trade":

This is the mother of all pearl videos, and you won't want to miss a minute of it. In this video, YOU will not only get to examine an ultra-fine strand of pearls with the guidance of one of the industry's leading experts on pearls, but you'll also get to see REAL examples of:-Fine Vs. Ultra-Fine Pearl Quality Comparisons-South Sea vs Akoya and Freshwater Pearls-
The rare phenomenon, "Orient," in South Sea...

LIVESTREAM from the Sea of Cortez! - Rare, Mexican Pearls Direct from the Farm

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I am incredibly pleased to share this special event with all of you. It's a 3-part event that will take place on Saturday 16th (at 10 am and 5 pm PST) and the last one on Sunday (10 am).
The event will happen at the Guaymas based pearl farm, and will reunite Douglas (me), Enrique and Manuel -the original Cortez Pearl farm team & founders- alongside Hisano & Jeremy Shepherd!
Be ready for your questions about one of the rarest cultured pearls in the World!
Cortez Pearls are among the finest...

Tahitian Pearl Farmer Alexander Collins - LIVE STREAM with Jeremy Shepherd

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Tahitian Pearl Farmer Alexander Collins is doing a live stream!

This is going to be fun!

My friend Alexander Collins is going to be passing through LA on his way to the Hong Kong show and will be sitting down to talk pearls with Jeremy.

Be sure to Join in and Ask Questions!

Streaming LIVE this Wednesday
February 21st, 2024 at 1 pm Pacific!


Pearls by the Bay 2024

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I am incredibly Happy to announce that this year's Pearls by the Bay event is officially set to happen on May 18th! Save the Date!

The information right from Kojima's website:


Each year in May, we gather at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito, California.
We start at 10am with a light breakfast and coffee/ tea service prepared for the group.
Next we hear from a hand chosen group of pearl farmers...

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