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Pattye, I think it could be very easy for me to become a leader in pearl fashion here in Italy, because it's rare to see pearls on italian women nowadays! The rare ones are only white pearls: Akoyas, Freshwater, and some very very rare white South Sea on wealthy women. These pearls are generally round (never drops, baroques or other shapes) and the quality is frequently poor.
I live in a small town (16.000 inhabitants) and I work in the local hospital, so I know almost everyone here. Many women ask me about my pearls when I'm wearing them, because they've never seen something like the Tahitians or the blue Akoyas.
Thanks for updating your photos ... you have a lovely collection Alyend ... AND a pearl fashion leader in Italy :)
Alyend, it's easy to become a pearl fashion leader in sweden as well...recently I read an article in a well known swedish blog (in seden anyway), the writer going on about a jewelry collection with baroque's just that it was obvious that she didn't know anything sbout pearls and thought that they were another species of pearls. She didn't know that the baroque part refered to the was pretty funny. Also the pearls used weren't any good. Sometimes you see pearls being worn, mostly at funerals and parties (recently I mostly attended funerals it seems). They wear them for best. Almost always akoyas, mostly rather small and sometimes worn so many times that they are completely destroyed. The luster is gone and the strands never restrung, probably with a healthy layer of hairspray and perfume.
Thank you all very much!
This is a shot of some of the necklaces together:
Today I made pictures of some pearl jewellery I've not shown you until now.
This is the very first pair of pearl earrings I purchased, from a jeweller in my town. They are from italian jewellery brand Bliss. They didn't tell me if the pearls are Akoyas or Freshwaters (your opinion would be much appreciated). The metal is 18kt white gold, with three diamonds on each earring:
The following are two bracelets (both with 18kt gold clasp) I received as gifts from some family members. Also for them I don't know exactly what kind of pearls they may be. They are small pearls, approximately 5mm.
Bracciale Miluna.jpg
Ayland I love your family shot of pearl necklaces- so beautiful. The pearl earrings are gorgeous as well. So nice that your family members gift you with lovely pearl bracelets.
This is a pair of earrings in sterling silver with silver-light blue akoyas and blue topazes. I've made them recently, and I wear them very often because they go very well with my working suit (which is blue, I work in an hospital). Sorry if the picture is not very good, and the silver needs some cleaning:
The earrings you made are really pretty and are a lot like mine. Funny since we both made them. I had thought to combine the silver keshis with some silver skulls I saw at augustus-collection, but I never got around to order them. The I happened to have the keshis in one hand and the topaz in the other and they looked great together.
Today i'm showing you my first purchase from Pearlescence. I received it yesterday and I'm very very satisfied! I choose a very nice blue south sea pendant with sterling silver bail (here you can see it attached to my silver-light blue Akoya necklace) and a magnificent pair of 10,5mm Tahitian pearl stud earrings set in 9kt gold:
Gorgeous. I love both the pendant with it's unique shape and color as well as your high luster earrings.
Today I'm showing you my first ever purchase from Pearl Paradise! I took advantage of the Halloween sale to purchase some fantastic items!
Sorry but the pictures are not so good, I couldn't find the right light, the weather here in Italy is dreadful.
The first is a pair of Akoya 7-7,5mm AAA pearl studs, but these are not for me, I purchased them for my aunt on her request. They're gorgeous, the luster is amazing, my aunt is really happy:
View attachment 71145
Then I purchased somethig for myself obviously: four beautiful Akoya 7-7,5mm AAA half-drilled unmounted pearls (identical to the ones on the studs). Yesterday I set two of them as pendant earring jackets in 18k white gold:
View attachment 71146
View attachment 71147
I have yet to decide what to make with the remaining pair of pearls.
Maybe I will set them as simple studs (I confess that I don't have a simple pair of white pearl studs!)
Or maybe I will wait and see if I have some other ideas.
I see that something went wrong with the pictures.
Here they are:
the studsstuds.jpg
the 4 pearls
4 pearls.jpg
the earring jackets
You got some amazing akoyas. Plain white studs are good to have...your earring jackets are really pretty. What pearls are you going to use them with?
I love your post with your lovely pearls. You have some lovely necklaces ! Your new pendant is gorgeous and looks very nice with the akoya strand. Congrats on your new beautiful purchase.
I'd like to share with you my most recent purchases.
The most recent are a pair of golden South Sea drops and a beautiful Golden South Sea necklace, both from Cees. The necklace has 12-14mm pearls and a 14k gold ball clasp. The earrings have 18k gold leverbacks. The golden color is deeper than shown in the picture, unfortunately is very difficult to make good photos.
Another beautiful purchase from Cees, some weeks before Christmas: a long ombre necklace (white and gold South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls):
And a gorgeous pair of earrings I received from my companion for my birthday (decembre 21st) and Christmas: orange sapphires, diamonds, cream drop pearls and 18k gold, made by a local artisan.
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Oh WOW Alyend your new necklaces are amazing! And the earrings as well! Beautiful! Complimenti!!!!