My collection

And these are my ripple pearls, I forgot to post them. They have a rose silver heart shaped clasp:
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Another nice addition to my collection! I've just purchased from Kongs Pearl a new strand of 7-8mm baroque blue akoyas, with a pair of matching (but larger, avout 9-10mm) half drilled pearls to make earrings. As always, it's not easy to make photos and show their beautiful blue tone. Sorry for the bad pictures, I'll try to do something better as soon as I can.
I particularly like the two pearls for the earrings, the blue is deeper:
Now I have to find some mountings for the earrings and a nice clasp for the necklace, I think I'll choose white gold.
I already had a blue akoya necklace (page 1 of this post), but the blue is not so evident. So, now that I have a new one, I've decided to give it to my mum for her birthday in september, she likes it very much.
Here you can see a little better the blue tone:
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Hello everybody! I've finally made some better pictures of the pearls I've already shown you in this post.
The large Tahitian drops on page 1 of this post:
Large Tahiti drops.jpg
The silver-light blue Akoyas with 18kt white gold clasp, also on page 1:
Light blue.jpg
The alternated 3 & 5mm Akoyas on page 3:
Akoya alternate.jpg
The 18kt gold, diamond and multicolor fireball pearl pendant from page 3:
Ciondolo multicolore.jpg
The 10mm freshwater necklace with 18kt white gold clasp from page 1:
The mixed South Sea & Tahitian necklace, also on page 1:
Mixed South Sea & Tahitian.jpg
I love this clasp very much too!

I've also finally strung the blue akoyas I purchased from Kongs Pearl you've seen on page 3 of this post:
Blue 01.jpg
Blue 02.jpg

I can also add to my collection a new pair of 18kt gold and Tahitian pearls (purchased from Wen) I've just made. The pearls have a light green tone, unfortunately you can't see the color really well in the picture:
Pistachio earrings.jpg
Another new entry is this tahitian multicolored necklace (we have already discussed it here

Multicolor tahitian pearl necklace
Hi Alice, welcome and thank you for the pictures! I’m in love with your graduated strand, and clasps, and the tiny pearls!

I didn’t realize you got here months ago, oops, but still more photos, fabulous! This latest Tahitian just glows.
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The re-stringing turned out beautifully, Alyend. The colours and lustre look fabulous on all of them.
Everything looks fantastic! Definitely a well-rounded collection.
I really like the alternated akoya strand, the Tahitians have great color and luster