Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Babynurse - that is such a beautiful strand. I think I quite prefer the mix of colours with the GSS ... probably because all GSS doesn't really suit me. The mix of yellows and whites just cry out for SUMMER!

BWeaves - that is such a lovely and unique piece. So pretty !

La_C - Fabulous necklace - could you photo the connection .. I can't make out what it is ?? Very cool.
What a good idea to string the expensive pearls so they all show!

I'd also like to see what you did at the back and the connectors.
Sheri!!! OMG what an AMAZING piece! I've always been drooling over the SoC pearls, but seems like aside from going to the farm directly, all the distributors out there are quite expensive with very limited selections. Not to say that you can no longer find full strand of baroques, and the price have skyrocketed. *cry* And I find SoC's baroques to be especially beautiful. That is just an amazing strand! Looks like the back piece may have been some choker type of necklace that was meant to be worn at the front but you have used it as the back piece? Second everyone here, please post more pics!

Oh my Sheri!!!!
may the pearl goddess never be jealous.
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Sheri, those baroque Sea of Cortez pearls are incredibly gorgeous; I prefer these to "perfect" round pearls any day! I LOVE the way you strung them :)
Sheri you seem to have the perfect dream of mine Sea of Cortez necklace, lumpy, bumpy just beautiful. If those are the ones that Douglas throws back oh boy you are one very lucky girl ;)
baby nurse -- your strand is so very lovely!

Sheri -- WOW!!! You should wear that cascade often.
BWeaves, the new Tahitian earrings and Swan look like they were meant to be worn together! I also really like the neckline on that denim top, great for pearls isn't it.

Sheri, your SoC triple is fantastic!!

Wearing my peach Catherine Cardellini ripples.

Baby Nurse, I don't usually care for the peach colors, but that one is fantastic on you! Love Catherine C! Every one should have at least one strand of hers. No one picks the colors as well as she does!
Thanks, GemGeek and Caitlin!

I have a lot of Catherine's pieces. I'm going to start a thread on them because her work really is so unique and beautiful.
It's such a pretty, sunny day today-- I had to put on my Tahitians. Some days the light coming in the windows is just perfect for them.

Tahitians in perfect lighting
Wow, Pearl Dreams-- those are gorgeous!! Such amazing teals and silvers, pinks, greens. Where did you get those?

Weather here is super sunny and pearl friendly as well:cool: