Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

There's an Anthropologie sort of near me, but I actually tend to just order a cartload of stuff in a couple of different sizes and colors when there's free shipping, and then send most of it back. I don't mind paying shipping as it's probably equivalent to all the gas I'd waste driving around to the stores.

Baby Nurse, I LOVE that double strand of BBAs.

P.S. The photos are always better on PG than on PS. They're clearer and the colors are truer.
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Taking the Tahitians out for their first drive today.

Morning walk with tweed jacket.


Afternoon walk without jacket. They look different without the jacket reflecting in them, and with the sun at a different angle.


The opals are a lot like diamonds in that it's impossible to photograph them. They only show up when moving and flashing in reflected light.
BWeaves, they look like they belong there on your neck and ears-- like they've always been there. :)

You made a good choice.
Thank you. Thank you. I just can't get over how colorful and SHINY these pearls are. The previous Tahitians I've ordered cost way more than these, and were either very dull or didn't begin to have the color they appeared to have in the online photos. Even my photos aren't picking up all the colors in these pearls. Black pearls really don't do a thing for me, but colorful pearls knock me out.
BWeaves, they look simply stunning and elegant on you! Like they were made for your skin.

Enjoy and wear in health!
BWeaves...all I can think of is "another one bites the dust"....Welcome to the wonderful world of Tahitians!!! You really started with a bang!

"and another one gone
and another one gone
another one bites the dust...

Jersey, that's so perfect! I can't wait til you guys sing it for me - some day! In the meantime, the sweaters and pearls are .... too wonderful

"are you ready?
are you ready for this..."
BWeaves welcome to the Tahitian club. I bet the first of many to come. Yours have very high luster and look wonderful on you. Love the earrings too. Enjoy your new beauties.
Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the double strand of bba.

BWeaves, your Tahitians are really, really gorgeous. What a great find! I admired them on Sarah's site as well. Did you happen to save her picture of them? I'd love to see it again.

This the strand of golden/cream/white SS, with my flannel pjs!

strand of golden/cream/white SS, with my flannel pjs
Pearls and PJs! My favorite combination!

No, I didn't save the glamour shots. It would be a good comparison for the Glamour vs. IRL thread on the other site.

Today, I took the earrings out for stroll with The Swan. And a denim dress, cause I love pearls and denim.

In the shade the pearls show their colors:


In the sun, the opal and diamonds show their colors:

Of course Baby Nurse has cute adorable precious colorful ELEPHANTS on her PJ's ... did I mention adorable?

BWeaves, those earrings are just dynamite ... and look fantastic with the Swan! Opals are my birthstone, and I think an opal + Tahitian combination should be in my future ... or an opal + Sea of Cortez combo?
I love rediscovering an old pearl friend, with the accompanying memories. Wearing my Sea of Cortez cascade, strung in a hotel room on a somewhat dismal business trip when I still had a tedious job, made from pearls I spent hours picking through while my friend patiently snoozed in a corner of the shop...the first time I met Douglas, in Guaymas, which brings back memories of sweltering heat coupled with amazing seafood... I was very lucky to be able to purchase these crazy bumpy baroques before Douglas offered them to the sea goddess. Bumpiness aside, the colors sing. I strung them up this way because I didn't want anything hidden behind my neck or underneath my then-longer hair.

Worn today with flannel work shirt...apologies for the sideways shot...

Sea of Cortez cascade
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