Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you! This strand was sold originally by PP a few years back, but I got them secondhand and swapped out 3 pearls I didn't care for, rearranging the necklace as a whole. The replacement pearls were from druzydesign.

It's funny, in my living room the strand as a whole goes much bluer.

bluer in the living room.jpg
Wow, it's a BONUS pearl day here today! PearlDreams that Tahitian strand is just beautiful! BabyNurse, what a glorious color combination between the pearls, the top and the sweater!! Douglas, where are you ... we need to talk; I don't think you're allowed to have a "throw away bucket" anymore LOL :)
Of course he's allowed to have a throw away bucket. It's over here, at my house, (wink wink nudge nudge).
Wearing my Faux Harvest strand today. I have the bracelet attached to it for added length.


sorry for the weird blur around the middle, the only angle I could get a good image of gave an unwanted show, so I tried to hide it the best I could
Babynurse you also look good in peach, I have a serious case of envy! PearlDreams I like how you can see colour variations in your strand, beautiful necklace. Ckrickett great design on the faux harvest strand.
Baby Nurse, Pearl Dreams, glorious glowing colors against your skin! And Ckrickett, what makes your gorgeous necklace a "faux" harvest strand? Must have missed something...or is "harvest strand" somebody's proprietary term? Super pretty, anyway, and I love the way you can make it longer by adding the bracelet.

Just to clarify, my SOC were by no means "throw-away" pearls - I actually spent a small fortune on them, which is why I wanted each and every pearl to show. But they are a lower grade than Douglas now allows into the marketplace.

Here is a shot of how I rigged up the cascade - I used a couple Green Girl pewter findings and metal beads I happened to have in my archives, soft flex beading cable, crimp beads, and satin ribbon to tie in a bow at the back of my neck. A more symmetrical effect could be achieved using the ring part of two toggle clasps. I do like the versatility, and it's super comfortable to wear. I have noticed a number of pearl necklaces in 18th and 19th century paintings tied with ribbon at the back of the neck - a very easy sort of non-clasp...

Ack, sideways again! Feel free to fix, Lisa C...

Those pearls are divine!!! The colors make my mouth water. Literally.
If I am correct, a true harvest strand is made up of various pearls from one harvest.
This strand was using pearls I had collected from various vendors over the course of a year, so it mimics a harvest strand without coming from one harvest,
To be honest ...that's what most of them are ckrickett. They are a design to show the wide variety of shapes and colours and sizes that come from a pearl harvest. I'm sure most of the ones that you've seen, other than those from a single farm that sells direct, will be from a stock of pearls that perhaps didn't match up to any strands . At least that's what I was told by a large pearl vendor. You did it the way I do ckrickett...collect things from all over and put it together. This one is a temp strand that I'm still fiddling with ... but the pearls are from many sellers. Forgive the photo.. I just left the computer, grabbed the strand and ran into the front room with the iPad.

Ckrickett, your harvest strand is one of the prettiest I've seen. You have a lot of lovely pieces but this is my favorite!

Katbran, yours is gorgeous as well!
Katbran, no joke I JUST finished laying out a strand similar to that! (like finished this sucker 45 minutes ago) I am waiting on some findings to try and make a tassle for it! then I will restring it better.
I LOVE yours, how long is that?

Oooooh ckrickett !!!! That's gorgeous !!! Great minds are thinking alike this weekend !!! lol My necklace is 53 inches .. I know..I got carried away.. its not even knotted yet. So I'll keep fiddling with it and lose a few... and I think I need a few more odd ones.. and a few less circled pearls... where did you buy your pearls? Mine came from a woman in Sydney and a lot of them are from Jac ... quite a few from a HK seller...really bits and pieces.

As for the drawing ... we need to credit Toulouse Lautrec with that one! It's the cover of a big coffee table book filled with loose sheets of his drawings. I bought it about 30 years ago and have dragged it around the world with me. lol But it was the only sunny window!