What do you want to give or get for Valentine's Day 2011?


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Jan 24, 2008
I dropped by PP the other day and happened to run into GemGeek (it was so nice to meet you in person!).

A little background...our house was burglarized and they basically took everything I had ever purchased for my wife except for one or two pieces and took the wedding jewelry too. There is someone out there with an amazing collection - boo :mad:

Thus my absence from the boards because it has obviously been a painful experience.

Anyway, I'm slowly rebuilding from almost scratch. The appointment was originally just to lengthen a blue akoya my wife has (she wore blue akoya's in her wedding - just breath taking!) but then I realized Valentine's Day was just around the corner and I needed to get something for her.

And as ALWAYS happens - Jeremy knows my weakness for pearls + my fondness for my wife - and always brings out something amazing. So I went a little nuts.

That said...what do you want to give or get for Valentine's Day 2011?
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Sorry to hear about someone breaking in, that is awful!

Now I will answer your question - but with the warning that I am not an expert so I don't know anything.

In my dream world... I would get (over the next few Valentines Days)... 9 mm AAA Akoya studs with rose overtones and super luster - slightly creamy ones as opposed to bright white... a graduated Freshadama necklace going from 6.5 mm to 9.5 mm in a silvery white with pink overtones (I don't even know if that design is offered but I love graduate strands and I am dreaming here)... a 6.5 - 7 mm exotic FWP with more of the lavender and silver pearls than usual but some gold and pink... a natural blue baroque cultured Akoya strand (not sure what size would be best) ... and the tahitian pearl in 14k white gold with wire wrap on Pattye's website...

That is everything on my list that is remotely reasonable to request for Valentines day - the rest is on my Christmas/birthday combined gift list. That is where I get into the full strand of baroque tahitians...and I could keep going.

Did anyone take pictures of pearls while at Pearl Paradise?
Welcome back Pandaexpress. You have not posted for a looooong time.
pandaexpress, how terribly distressing for you both! The sense of violation, the loss of feeling secure in one's own home, the fear it could happen again, are the worst parts of a burglary (been there.)

So very very sorry to hear of your horrible experience. Dave, that is such a sweet thing to say, and so true. Unfortunately, this type theft has happened to several of our pearly friends here.

One of my DIL's has a birthday just before Valentine's Day, so she will be getting something pearly, and she is always appreciative and looks gorgeous in whatever I come up with.

007, thank you for loving my Tahitian pearl solitaire!

I might just treat myself to a little chocolate------yum-----
I want one of those boys that are for the girls with the pearls. ;-)
Me, too! - well, maybe. Do you have any low-maintenance models?
**Bump** for the curiosity of it all :rolleyes: but make it 2018.
Your geek is showing....but oh how do I appreciate it! 8TB would keep me happy for quite awhile.

I could really use a 8TB external HD right about now ;)
Yeah... I don't need pearls for V day. Now I want a mirrorless camera... It doesn't belong to this forum does it?
BPDC - you are the Bump King today lol Thank you for perking things up by resurrecting these old threads and making them new again. <3

Pareltje - I was going to ask about Mirror less cameras...but figured that would be most likely take us all off on the wrong track lol I'm going to google it .
Valentines Day - we never give presents... how boring is that ...