What do you want to give or get for Valentine's Day 2011?

Everyone seems to spend their time in a specific thread of eye candy...and I don't blame them, but still it is nice to engage people in other areas and topics and I thank you for engaging the bumped topics. There is a whole forum of interesting posts (some of them are old posts...which I probably spend too much time reading), well at least to me they are interesting LOL :).

Anyway these type of Holidays I am a sucker for a great meal, if a little bling or luster slips in I will be the first NOT to complain!

BPDC - you are the Bump King today lol Thank you for perking things up by resurrecting these old threads and making them new again. <3

Pareltje - I was going to ask about Mirror less cameras...but figured that would be most likely take us all off on the wrong track lol I'm going to google it .
Valentines Day - we never give presents... how boring is that ...
Seeing how my husband wasn't even in the country yesterday, he takes the prize for most romantic (NOT)! He no longer buys me gifts bc I usually don't like them. So I buy my own. I couldn't think of anything I wanted, is that weird?
Nah! My husband wracked his brain for a gift for me when we were first going together. He thought maybe he'd buy me a sweater, so he walked into the first ladies store in the mall, Lane Bryant. I probably weighed 110 lbs at the time. The sales clerk said, "Honey, you're in the wrong store." I told him to never buy me anything. I'm not a gift person. Get me something if you happen to see something you know I've been looking for, but other than that, I'll buy my own stuff. I even bought my own engagement ring. He couldn't afford one, and he'd already proposed.
I ordered a 7.5 mm multicolor FW bracelet for myself and told the husband that's what he got me ;)

My father-in-law was consulting with me about getting a necklace for my mother-in-law. We were talking Madama Akoya at PP.... and then the MIL says all of the sudden, "Get me a FitBit for Valentine's Day!" She had no clue what she almost got!
Im bringing back to life this 10yr old thread...

Wondering what is on everyone’s Valentines/Galentines wish list on this Valentines 2021??

I’m waiting for some shiny and amazing strands...golds and whites are speaking to me this year! ��
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Hope those golds and whites arrive on time for you, Lilpearl!!

I'm afraid my husband and I are long term members of the NOT romantic club... although I did get hot and cold running water connected in my newly renovated kitchen one Valentine's Day. I was over the moon at the time!
You make me laugh Happy Huku! I am in the same club, my most memorable Valentine gift from the non-husband was an upgraded hot water boiler from 15 liters to 40 :))) I do bake heart shaped muffins every year though...

Looking forward to those SSP Lilpearl!!!!

I got my wife an automated "Robot Vacuum Cleaner". She's been 10 months without any help at the house, our "cleaning-lady" stopped coming due to risk of COVID infection...and we miss her (Estelitaaaaaa....come baaaack!!!!) dearly.
I would like a "Bubbles" necklace from Kojima. That is what I would love right now for Eli.
I would like either mixed necklace of WSS & GSS or a Bubble necklace like Jeg's. Maybe in a longer length ....26inches to rope length. A really colorful necklace of Fiji pearls would be nice, too. Won't happen, though. Finances are tight right now. But I can dream.
So happy to share the Bubbles love, Douglas and 86C! I guess that can count as an early Valentine. I have a pair of earrings on the way. :rolleyes: Sheesh, I said I was going to keep my eyes closed... I need to take up baking like eolian, instead of web surfing.
Don’t cry for me, Estelita,
no robo-vac can replace you....
Don’t cry for me, Estelita,
no robo-vac can replace you....
No, we can't replace her...I mean the dogs LOVED her, my daughters loved her...my wife ADORES her! But her husband (he was diabetic and obese) died due to COVID and she got scared and she is not coming back until she feels safe. She has not felt that way...guess most people don't.
But I'm kind of enjoying the Robo-Vac...even when it roams around my "office" (a closet space I remodeled with a desk) and around my feet. Funny guy that likes to munch on dust-bunnies! ;)