Pearls at Paris 27th Biennale


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Apr 23, 2006
Dear PG members,
I am back for the first day at the Biennale with a photo report on pearls as promised.
I will sort out all photos and will start posting tomorrow.
I met Cartier, Wallace Chan and some others for my book on history of clasps, this helped taking photos of course?

Be patient till next post, in the meantime see last Biennale report here :

Stay tuned :)
Just sorting the photos at this very minute, give me some time and it will come soon :)
As a start, here are the outsides, a magnificent place, a large window and a water spring : The " Grand Palais " (great palace)


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Before we start, have a look at the Wallace Chan "the Mighty" giant ant with 2 giant baroque pearls with over 75carats of pearls (though pearls should not be stated by carats but that's what journalists do)

The brooch also feature pink tourmalines, diamonds and yellow sapphires.
Fine legs in titanium set with yellow diamonds and stones, wearing a 21,41 carats rubellite.

Chan said : " an ant can bear up to 100 times its weight, " Titanium helped giving this impression.
That was the only pearl jewelry from Wallace Chan but what a piece !
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Amazing, CliClasp! Thanks for doing this ... what a treat :)
I love the mighty ant, and how wonderful to see the gorgeous interior of the grand I wish I were there with you, Anna!
This event takes place every 2 years and all aficionados are waiting to go there. I came the first day.
The smell was lilly of the valley all over, that was enchanting.
I started walking all around then go slowly to the center by the lanes. There were also antiquarians with extraordinary pieces.
Generally, exhibitors display their extraordinary pieces they have been working on for 2 years and communicate in advance with wonderful pieces.

BUT, again I had the chance to take photos of pieces that are no where else, neither on their catalogue nor in their communication or photos angles that are not seen before (not meaning it's better, but it's here).

I will put only the best photos so that to make a tribute to the brands there. In some booths, It was not very clear as if it were authorized or not to take pictures...

And last but not least, this year, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to brands I had connections before, to feature their pieces in my book "4000 years of history of clasps" … but that's another story.

Do we start now ?
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Let's start with David Morris.
When I went to London in 2009, I shot this amazing piece in their window, remember ?

This famous London jeweler is exhibiting at the Paris Biennale for the first time.
Amazing pair of natural pearl drops with alternate buttons, toped and surrounded with diamonds, like some we saw in the art deco period, which never came out of style.
When it's done with elegance like here, geometrical patterns are perfect… and see the pear shaped diamonds not too small :)

More amazing pieces later.


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I love the mighty ant, and how wonderful to see the gorgeous interior of the grand I wish I were there with you, Anna!
Just plan your visit in 2 years from now , see you in Paris in September 2016 ?
Those earrings are fabulous on every level and now are my computer screen background! Thanks :)
Still from David Morris another pair of earrings with natural pearls, with colored diamonds, on top and diamonds briolettes drops at bottom, absolutely fabulous.
These photos of pearls are nowhere else, only on pearl-guide...
I am always surprised how my little very used camera behaves well in such circumstances :)


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Oh, those earrings are breathtaking! I particularly love the way the pearls are just "draped" over the bottom ...
These designs are so inspiring! I love the teardrop diamonds with the teardrop pearls...Thank you for sharing CliClasp!
Amazing photos and discussion CliClasp! Thank you very much for your thorough description.
Thank you, and here is the matched bracelet, pearls draped over the designed loop set with scattered colored diamonds.
Hard to imagine more beautiful and luxuous combination


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