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  • Hi Amrita

    My name is Kapil, I live in Kolkata India, and am connecting with you, since a friend of mine needs help in selling his graded string of basra pearls. it has 61 pcs is around 110 - 115 grams. they are of high lustre, perfectly rounded, and graded, with no pits, and no blemishes.

    This friend of mine is from a family with a history, and his historical linkages are also on International websites.

    The piece also has two ear rings and one ring in flower shape, with one central pearl, and six to seven pearls around it.

    The set is within the family for well over 200 years, if not more.

    He is no hurry to sell, but if he gets a good value he would seriously consider selling this set.

    Can you help?

    Best wishes
    Hi Amrita !
    Thank you for your visit and your compliments.
    Those are my first attempts...... I'm still experimenting.....;)
    I must say that you all here helped me in my new adventure.
    Hi Amrita, I hope you and your family are keeping well. Thank you for your message and kind comments about my pearls. I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them, it's wonderful to share them with other pearl lovers :) I love to wear them, look at them and play with them!

    I feel very lucky to have my beauties. My beloved late husband was a pearl lover and he so enjoyed seeing me wearing them. He wore three dark Tahitian keshi on leather around his neck - now they are around mine.....
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Amrita,
    Many thanks for your friendship request. I noticed you have the same birthday as my son. Can you tell I'm having fun here?
    AKA Purlgurl

    I have just had a wonderful time reviewing your album and pearls. You really have some beauties. I will have to look at your other site. Your beautiful smile is reflected in your work!
    Hi Amrita, thank you for your message and for being my pearly friend. I'm glad I joined too :) There is so much to learn about and enjoy here! As you said, it's wonderful that we can all share our love of pearls regardless of where we live in the world :)
    Best wishes from Kerry.
    I am so sorry that I was late in getting to respond to you. I love having friends . Thank you for your friendship request. I can't wait to see your designs.
    How nice running a business that you love. I will be sure to look at your sites.As we say Pearl On! Talk to you soon as I will be doing a post ubder Exotics!
    Hi Amrita, thank you for your friendship request :) It's so nice to have others to share our love of pearls with. The photos on this page are spectacular!
    Kind Regards from Kerry.
    I am now studying in Ningbo-another port city like Tianjing, but I will go back to Zhuji during summer vacation. Then I will go to US in August.
    Such interesting new photos in your albums! My little vacation took me to Denver and Sacramento, visiting family. I really wanted to go to Tucson Gem Show--but it didn't work out for this year.
    Wow thanks Amrita! I have a lot of designs in my head and have seen pieces I would like to work with, I just need the proper cliental. I should be receiving my portfolio this week and will be presenting it to some local TV personalities. My friends tell me not to show them any more pieces as they are now officially "broke"! from buying Well new marketing strategies...I am always looking for interesting clasps if you ever see any. Cheers!
    Well, sounds logical. Luxor must be very interesting, Sharm el Sheikh is a good winter holiday resort. It will be great to see you both here, any plans for the future?
    Amrita! thanx for the greetings !!!
    You were so close...., why didn't you come to see us?
    Hi Amrita! Hope you are doing fine and whipping up some new designs. I posted a few pics of some of my newer pieces. Hope you like them!
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