Biggest pearls in the world and they are set as interchangeable necklace


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Apr 23, 2006
Hello PG friends !
I am back again after a long break away from Pearl guide, I was so busy with my book (4000 years of history of clasps) and there will be lots of pearls in it too.
Well I took a break and went to Baselworld last March (Basel Switzerland), the largest jewelry fair in Europe.

I have been very very lucky to have the opportunity to see, touch and photoshot the necklace with the biggest pearls of the world. An I will show many more amazing and incredible pearls.
Well in Baselworld, everything starts with flowers, and there were lilly of the valley in mid-march ! Stay tuned
Update : For the ones who don't know me, I apologize for my english, so I'm used to post photos as often as possible, and you can see here many posts with lots of amazing photos. If you like photos on pearls, I put again the links on other photo reports I made by the past:

How old is this pearl? Play again!

Back from a London journey, more stories about pearls

Pearls in Berlin museum

Natural and cultured pearls at famous Paris XXVI? Biennale 2012

Photo report of pearls in Baselworld 2013

Photo report of pearls at Cartier's Paris exhibition 2013

Photo report of pearls at famous Paris XXVII Biennale 2014

Photo report of The 7 strands that sold for 9 millions 2013

Photo report of the Empress Josephin's necklace 2014


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Always a delight when you come visit, Anna ... look forward to more!
Lets' start photo galery with a window displaying trains carrying rubies, sapphires et emeralds, cute isn't ?


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Oh, this is torture. I can't wait for the next photo. The train cars are adorable.
I wll post every morning in Paris, so when you wake up you wlil have a new photo :)
I adore trains ... and a little red trail pulling cars of gems ?!? Thank You, Anna !!!!!
An enormous pearl pendant by Repossi, not a good picture, but worthseeing.


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This is a very nice pendant, thanks for sharing!

DK :)
Monday's post : a pair of bracelets with natural pearls interspersed with faceted diamond rondelles. See the delicate colors and luster.
The previous pendant, I think the biggest pearl was around 2 cm hight.
More to come...


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I just realized that this month is my 10th anniversary as pearl guide member !!! and I am over 1000 posts !
Such beautiful bracelets!
Thank you, Anna for enriching us at PG with all your amazing finds.