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  • hello sorry for the delay,
    the size of the beads is 1 mm to 7.5 mm
    and they are intended for sale
    Laurent :)
    Yes they were in my collection, though they were sold as a lot. I get large groups of conch pearls every 1-2 months but sadly I don't get to keep them for long. I have posted some of my pearls and jewelry under my photos if you care to take a look.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Hellooo my friend,:) Fred(that's what Matthew named him when he was seven).
    He is made in 18ct gold, his eyes are Aussie sapphires and the pearl is a South Sea Keshi pearl.
    I did not design him, it was a bought piece.

    Hope all is well,
    ((hugs)) Bernadette.
    This photo is of probably the best specimen. It's definitely Strombus gigas. It shows both, orange and pink. It's 6 months growth, and 0.48 g.
    Thanks for accepting my "friendship" request. I love reading your pearl history posts. Keep it up! :)
    I'm happy you liked the lion story. Everyone who says that animals don't have real emotions and feelings should have to watch it! ;)
    I agree with Nerida. I'm enjoying reading everyone's guesses and you know how I love photographs! You keep us entertained in an educational way. ;)
    Hi Cliclasp - I just wanted to say that although I'm not actively playing your game on the pearl history, I am LOVING it!! I'm with Caitlin - keep it up - it is so so interesting! Thank you so much!
    Regardez - Vous avez trouv? un autre fossile! Vous avez la grande chance. Le fossile est adorable avec les perles ... Malheureusement, on ne trouve pas les perles comme celles avec les fossiles dans la nature!
    Vous avez eu la chance de trouver une fossile d’huitre tellement int?ressant – votre perle est parfait avec... Elle est magnifique! J'ai trouv? que un canard Disney :)
    Just FYG, the profile photo is a Gryphaea dilatata,
    fossil oyster of 65 Million years old (said to have seen the dinosaurs, if only oysters could see...)
    I found it in France on sea shore .
    Yes, I have three cats. Technically, two are mine and one is my mother's, but we consider them all to be ours. I told Mom that we can have one more cat because we each have two hands to pet two cats each at the same time. She isn't buying it, so I guess I can't get the kitten I was hoping for! ;)
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