Art Deco Golden Akoya Triple Strand - comments please

Oh my that is one triple treat! Congratulations!!! The comparison picture is a great shot and they are all yours :)
Oh how very beautiful on you, love clasp front and don't mind tangled at all.
Elegant, regal, classic, lucious... They look amazing on you!!! And thanks for the comparison shots - I will visit those photos often!!!
I'm mesmerized both by how pretty those pearls are and by the history they might have witnessed. Germany, They are stunning, alone and on you. What a great find!

I'm totally going to imagine them once gracing the throat of Marlene Dietrich now. :p
BAS, these new pearls look just lovely on you ... and that "comparison shot" left me dizzy and speechless!!! Congratulations again, friend :)
I love that they are more creamy and less yellow than they looked in the original pictures. They look great on you!
Thanks everyone. CathyKeshi -- though you weren't my room-mate, I think of you as my almost room-mate since you were across the hall from me!

I prefer pearls on skin -- but this triple has a lovely drape over my turtleneck today and the strands stay in place beautifully over material!

over red turtleneck.jpg

close up over turtleneck.jpg

And here is the golden color of these akoya versus my GSS ring from Mikeyy's famous suitcase:

GSS versus golden akoya 1.jpg

GSS versus golden akoya 2.jpg
Me too, BAS ... Me TOO!!! These Akoya are some of my very favorite pearls ever ... just love that color; Congratulations again!
Beautiful BAS! Thank you for the comparison shots, too. Interesting how different they look on, too.
I think if I wore white they'd show up as more golden. On my bright dark solids they do appear white in the photos. And then so golden in the comparison shots. Ah. Pearls.
Pretty esp w clasp n front. Sometimes they looked yellowish. Think I'd call them more champagne. ITs hard to know if these old pearls darkened over time or if they were just unbleached akoya.
Who's to say how much beaching was done to make the white. It must not be good for the pearl.

Gave my mom this long 28? in 9mm ish strand with a real old looking clasp. Just was not fond of the color but with time we appreciate different things & not every pearl has to be white.

Still dealing with my own gold chipped pearl earrings nightmare & it could eb yellow akoya...


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