Art Deco Golden Akoya Triple Strand - comments please

I can't wait to see your pictures of this BAS. I think the color will look lovely on you!
I love the lemon-drop color in the photos, and that's on a reddish background. I think that means you get to keep red in your palette as well!
Thanks everyone! They're "Inbound into Customs". I'll keep you posted!
Wow. I have to join the group who can't wait to see the in-real-life neck shots. I hope they bring you joy. :)
Can't wait to see neck shots, BAS! I'm sure it will look lovely on you!
Paul was such a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Paul!!!

Pictures of the gorgeous clasp, overall triple shot, with hanadama, madama, WSS and finally, a neck shot: clasp close-up.jpgoverview.jpgtriple.jpgwith hanadama.jpgwith madama and hanadama.jpgwith madama, hanadama and WSS.jpgneck shot.jpg
Sweet!!!! I've been waiting to see these photos. That necklace looks so right on you, BAS.

I think you truly have a soft spot for akoya. Congratulations on a gorgeous acquisition. Enjoy!
Hi BAS, just got a beautiful triple strand and it looks so lovely on you!
Thanks, guys!

Wearing it outside for the first time today:

with orange.jpg
Definitely a worthy necklace for your outstanding collection, BAS! You look lovely in it!

How does it feel? It lays beautifully.
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The strands don't stay put if one moves around normally, but even when "tangled" they're lovely. Here's how they looked after I bent down to the floor just now:


So this isn't the necklace to wear when teaching little ones, but rather for adult endeavors.

Fixed easily without a mirror:

all fixed.jpg

Clasp forward:

clasp forward.jpg

I love this necklace!
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Well, it sure is lovely.

I'm not too fond of necklaces bouncing around when I bend over, either. Have you thought of a wee thin bit of wire to use as a space-retainer, making upright loops? That's what I've been contemplating, for an invisible spacer to keep the look informal.

it'd look like this, only continuous o_______o_______o
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It is beautiful and it looks great on you! Thank you also for the comparison shots with the Hanadama and madama. That's s fantastic Akoya collection!