Art Deco Golden Akoya Triple Strand - comments please


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May 21, 2013
I'm trawling through lots of jewelry for the series on Antique Pearl Jewelry YOU Could Own.

I'd be interested in members' comments on this vintage necklace. It's a triple strand of graduated cultured pearls sized up to about 8mm, with a fab silver and marcasite pearl clasp, stamped GERMANY 935, and probably dates to the late 1930's to early 1950's.


The cultured pearls are obviously Akoya's, with very thick nacre (1mm+) and have a distinct golden color with very high luster and an overtone that is almost like a pale bronze metallic with oil slick colors (couldn't capture those in the pics).


I'm guessing these come from back in the day when Akoya's were left for two or three seasons to develop thick nacre, and long before the current practice of post-treating/bleaching cultureds to make them as white as possible.


I know from this link there has been interest in Golden Akoyas in recent years, but does anyone know whether they were highly regarded back in the 1930's to 1950's?

I've seen comments these Golden Akoyas were particularly suited to darker skin colors.
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kiwipaul -- thanks for the link to the other thread. What a lovely read! Now I want a strand (or two or three) of golden akoyas!

Blaire -- do you still own those three lovely strands? If so, I'd love to see them in person next Ruckus!
That is one gorgeous vintage necklace - wow!

Golden pearls and skin tones are tricky; they definitely do look better against tan, olive or brown complexions ... as a fem with plenty of reddish undertones in my Irish skin I couldn't wear them - the gold would clash and enhance the red colors (and I don't need that!). I am not an expert in pearl history, but I don't recall Golden Akoya being of particular popularity in the past, although I could very well be wrong on that.
Well, I fell for this piece, fair-skinned though I be.

Come to Mama!
I can't say much about them to help you out except I LOVE them!
Well, I fell for this piece, fair-skinned though I be.

Come to Mama!
That necklace certainly reminds me of a certain triple that you already own. Additional proof of its classic styling.
And I'm sure, Red, that you see how this will enhance my collection of triples! The one you are thinking of, I believe, is the fantastic version of a Mikimoto triple akoya where each strand is a different size. Jeremy and Hisano made it using metallic white strands. This vintage triple is made with golden akoya where each strand is graduated. Exciting!

metallic white triple strand shot.jpg

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Oh, BAS, did you buy the golden triple?!?

If one wears pearls every day, and can afford them, Life is Good! There's no rule that says Stop! You've Reached Your Limit, unlike GBytes and smart phone plans.
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Congratulations Bas well done!! Neck shots please when they arrive.
OMG BAS!!! I can't wait to see you wearing these!!! Congratulations :))))
Congratulations BAS! What a fantastic addition to your collection! The clasp is killer!
Wonderful addition, BAS! I can't wait to see neck shots.