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  • Hello Paul, Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous photos and series of articles on antique jewelry. I'm enjoying them so much! Beautifully written and such interesting details!
    Thank you very much, will have a look online. I've left it a bit late, we fly home on Wed but will see what I can do. We were in Queen's Street on Friday but I don't remember Marshalls. We did look in one of the shops, it seemed quite a lot of money and I have no idea of their value.
    Thanks again
    Happy Huku
    Good evening!
    I am on holiday in NZ and was looking at some blue pearls - from the paua, I think. Thought it might be a nice idea as a souvenir of our holiday and was just wondering if you knew anyone who had some for sale?
    Thanks and regards
    Happy Huku
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