Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

And why don't you wear them daily? They need to be worn. Daily.
I try.

I wear the shorter strands once a week, in rotation with pearl rings and earrings. The opera-length and ropes don't get out as much, because they don't go so easily with my print dresses. The others are for projects.

Eventually, I'll pare down, share the pearl love with my sisters and nieces, and just keep the pieces that speak to me most loudly.

How do do you manage to wear most of your pearls?
If you wore all of those every day, you'd not be able to hold your head up for the weight!

Lovely pearls, lovely photo to have on you puter.
Thanks! Although my stash can't hold a candle to the Freshadamas, Hanadamas, and other PP treasures most of you have.
If you're not yet sick of my enhancers, here's the one that started them all.

Take my strand of baroque "orcs", dubbed so because my best friend thought they were "evil pearls".


Attach big gold vermeil enhancer et voila! The orcs are gentrified for the office.



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@cyndaco- Since getting hit by the pearl bug, I've gotten very lazy on what clothes I buy. I mostly just get the standard solid colors and let my pearls stand out. But I have to say, those pearls and that print top, wow! They look like they were made for each other. Lovely!
ok i have SO much catching up to do! i am simply too busy lately. yeesh.

at any rate, i've been making things, i've been adding earring dangles (thanks to y'all - i don't know who here was doing that lately, but i've been inspired!), i've been wearing stuff.

doubled strand of 4-5mm (really REALLY) blue (so probably dyed) akoyas (vintage from ebay) with my rainbowislandpearls tahitians:


a strand of big ol' bumpy white pearls mixed with little metallic pinks, strung by me, doubled, along with my dark violet/blue faceted strand, with earrings, also self-done:


what i think of as my fairy pearl necklace - made myself with teensy varicolored seed pearls with "keshi" interspersed, dainty gold chain accompaniment, and one gigantic blister pearl as centerpiece (baroque metallic stud visible as well).



and of course, i've worn pearls every day all along, but i've only taken so many photos. :)
This is such a cool thread! I love everyone's pearls and the way they are styling them. I've got to try layering some necklaces!

It's icy, snowy, and generally miserable in Minnesota today, so I decided to inject some color into my immediate landscape! Here I am "in action" at work (headset and all!) and wearing some Tahitians.


The ring is from Margo, it's about 8mm and I wear this almost daily! I am smitten with the silvery blue color. The earrings are some small studs with diamonds that I got on mega clearance at Sears, of all places. Hard to tell but they do have a nice oil slick color to them. The strand is brand new from PP, lots of rose and green tones and I love it! The lighting in my office makes it hard to capture all the flashes of color, though.

Pearl Paradise Tahitians
Gorgeous! Those Tahitians really suit your skin, and go very well with that top, too.
@cyndayco : Love your collection and the idea of having a picture on your desktop of them all. Very beautiful and therapeutic! And I absolutely love your black baroques with the enhancer necklace and how beautiful you've styled it.
@juliebeth: Your combinations and layered styling is gorgeous. My favourite is the layering of the little blue Akoyas with the lovely Tahitians.
@kTron: You look beautiful in your Tahitians and the bright sweater!
Thanks for the visual treats! :)