Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I'm going to have a wild guess here - "poofy" doesn't have quite the same connotations in the USA as it does in England.....

You wouldn't, I imagine, call it a homo pearl.......? Or a gay pearl...........?
The more the better :D I like the oppulent layered look and the dangles in front. Bring on the pearls!

- Karin
At first I liked the dangles in the back better, but looking again I like both ways! It's funny how layering works so well on some people, and not on others. I am in the "not on others" category, myself. Enjoy (and I know you do!).
Hello, I'm new to the forum and also a new fan of pearls! A neck shot of the 18" 8.5mm - 9mm natural unbleached hanadama necklace that I bought from PP in December. Thanks for allowing me to share!

Pearl Paradise hanadama natural color
While great SSPs and Tahitians are still much on my mind, I often indulge in inexpensive necklaces. I wear them a few times to get a feel of their true character; then I have them restrung or reset with other pieces and loose gems that I already own. Here are dyed freshwater circles that I paired with my opal and diamond enhancer.

Pretty freshwaters! And those natural white hanadamas look like they have lights inside. I want to turn you around, bertrande! :)
Thank you all for your kind words. GemGeek, yes, I have no idea how that photo turn up that way!! :)
That looks gorgeous - don't go bashing anyone over the head, though!
Marianne - Now that is a pearl bracelet! Maybe get another rope and then you would be THE pearl queen at the gym!!!
bertrande, those hanadamas are amazing! perfect on you, as well! and i love your dolled-up freshwaters. :)

Marianne - OH to have a rope long enough for that much wrist coverage! just STUNNING! (pkinnew - snicker! :))
Marianne great wrist weight a good way to build muscle ;) lovely pearls BTY
I've had a stressful month at work, and I resorted to pearl therapy to get through most of it. Since I'm almost always online and only 20 minutes from a small pearl market, this inevitably results in a burgeoning stash of strings. In other words, I've become addicted!

To keep me from coveting the next pearl I see, I resolved to have my strands in full display, everyday. It's a reminder that I already have this in that color, or that in this shape. Or simply that I have too much of the cheap stuff, and I need to give my next purchase a lot of thought.

So I humbly submit, my new "pearls in action".


I may not get to wear most of my pearls regularly, but at least, they make good wallpaper.
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