Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I've had some of my pearls restrung and incorporated other pearls and gems to refresh the originals.

I bought this pastel baroque strand on eBay and was disappointed that it looked washed out in real life. I was on the verge of returning it when I decided to mix in some 6.5mm gold freshwater pearls. That solved the contrast problem, but as a necklace, it felt too retro for my taste.


One day, I tried them as a bracelet. Voila, they are now my go-to hand ornament.


These grey potatoes were my first "big" pearls, and I loved their chunkiness. Still, I thought they could be more contemporary. So I rummaged through my toolbox and found topaz cushions that became the new focal point. The inclusion of two silver spacer beads was not part of the plan, but I thought they gave it an unexpected touch--like a pretty model with a gap between her front teeth.

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That does make a really lovely bracelet! Try to make sure you don't admire it so much driving that you crash though.....
That does make a really lovely bracelet! Try to make sure you don't admire it so much driving that you crash though.....

LOL, Amanda! Very nice bracelet and I really love the blue topaz stones. I love your analogy of the gap-toothed model! :)
I said before I often wear my 5-6mm oval lavender freshwaters for work, as I love the colour, and they are low-key enough for my dresscode. They are 35 inches long, no clasp, so I often put them round my neck doubled and knot the ends together:



Oh wow! Those blue topaz really look gorgeous sandwiched in between those big silver pearls. I love the knotted ends on the lavender strand. seriously, this thread is so great for style tips :cool:
I love my lavender pearls - I have some round ones, too, and the colours are just spectacular.
What do I think? Gorgeous! Wear them in good health!
Love how you've layered 3 different kinds of pearls around your neck, JerseyPearl! You must be turning quite a few heads your way today! :D
Welcome to P-G!!

Thanks! It's actually 4 different strands...three baroques and a triple strand of akoya. The akoyas are 7-7.5mm and the baroques all start at 12mm and go to around 15mm. One of the strands is a flame ball. I love doing different combos with pearls.
Had to keep one of these lustrous fireball strands for myself out of our April Specials?.what do you think of the combination of the white pearls alternated with gold plated spacer beads...

I've read somewhere that spacers aren't always kind to pearls in the long term, but in the short term, nothing beats them in making each pearl stand out. So yeah, I love what you've done with them.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I'm new here, and at the gentle urging of another member I'm going to show my pearls in action lol! This is our rooster Chicadee in a Catherine Cardellini 68" rope of copper/peach ripples. I bought the pearls because they reminded me of the colors in the rooster's glorious feathers, and I thought a picture of the two together would be nice!

CC rope on Chicadee.jpg